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Loving life with @sarah_michelle_lawrence & @aspenthemountainpup
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Best buds. @aspenthemountainpup


I’ve known her for 15 years, dated her for 10 & been married for almost 5...and we’ve still got the heat 🔥


This mountain pup and I share a special bond.


Thankful for the warmer months ahead with this crew. So much to see do and so little time! For now we’re going to pretend that this snow on the ground in sand, and that we’re chilling on the beach somewhere together in Mexico. 🌴


So thankful for this journey. Despite the ups and downs, moments of “what the heck are we doing,” hustle and grind of owning our own business, it’s nice to wake up on a Monday and feel stoked about all that is ahead. It’s going to a busy summer, but we’re grateful for each of you and your support. ✌🏻


Back from Iceland for just a few days before we found ourselves thawing out in California with our boy @aspenthemountainpup. The three of us have something super exciting in the works that we’ll be sharing in the next few weeks! Until then, happy friday everyone! ✌🏻


An afternoon well spent among the East Fjörðs. Between seeing dozens of reindeer, eating our fair share of dried fish & licorice, deciding not to pay $40 for a sandwich at a local cafe, laughing till our stomachs hurt after Sarah fell on the floor of a bar after I “accidentally” moved her chair and learning to love the smell of sulfur in the air, it’s been a trip for the books. So thankful for this crew and all the memories we seem to share together. 🇮🇸


10/10 I’d still pick you out of a crowd for a first date @sarah_michelle_lawrence. Also, you look pretty fine in your @farmersmarket_iceland clothes, and this landscape sure doesn’t suck. 📷: @antonjonas


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