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The big sky view from our hometown of Bend, Oregon isnt too shabby!🏕️✨ Pic: @natewyeth #LiveRefreshed


Smile if you love summer!😊 Pic: @lifewithlulubear #LiveRefreshed


We’re so ready for a road trip right about now...Who’s in?✌️🚙 Pic: @idletheorybus #LiveRefreshed


CAPTION CONTEST! Who’s up for a little caption contest fun? There’s just one catch…this time, it’s a Mad Libs style caption contest!😜 Here’s how it works: Fill out the blanks from the story below & submit your ENTIRE story (not just the words) in the comments. The one that makes us laugh the hardest WINS two Limited Edition Kids bottles! And please keep it PG, guys - kids will be entering & reading these captions as well. Winner will be chosen by Hydro Flask staff tomorrow at 7pm PST. Good luck!
Last summer, I went ______(verb ending in ing) with my best friend ______(name) the Toucan. We stopped to eat lunch by the river when all of a sudden, a bright ______(color) Tree Frog came (verb ending in ing) down from a nearby ______(noun) yelling “______(exclamation)!!” He landed in the water with a ______(adjective) splash, soaking us from head to toe! The water felt ______(adjective) and ______(adjective), so we decided to spend the rest of the day by the river, ______(verb ending in ing) and ______(verb ending in ing) with our new friend, ______(name) the Tree Frog. I won’t ever forget how much fun we had that day!✨ Art by @meganmariemyersart #LiveRefreshed


Sundays are for sunsets✨🌞 Pic: @annikabbauer #LiveRefreshed


Pack it out, pack it in! Bring everything you need with the Unbound Cooler Pack - lightweight, durable & leakproof so you can be ready for whatever adventures life throws at you. Shop now - link in bio.☝️🎒 #LiveRefreshed


#VansUsOpen, you did not disappoint! Huge congrats to team riders @patrickgud, @tannergud, @lakeypeterson & @jackfreestone for absolutely killing it out there this year & a big thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth! We seriously have the best fans ever! Next stop: @wsl #SurfRanch here we come!🤘 Pic: @caylakmoore #LiveRefreshed


GIVEAWAY! Whether it's a scenic shot from a backpacking trip in Yellowstone or a peak moment from a hike up Mt. Hood, we want to see your fav adventure pics from summer! Enter our #MyEpicHike Photo Contest for a chance to win one of 25 prize packs from us, @lonelyplanet & @duluthpack! To enter, upload your best hiking pic on Instagram & use the hashtag #MyEpicHike! Contest ends TONIGHT at midnight. Good luck!👍 Pic: @everchanginghorizon #LiveRefreshed


More weekend please.✌️✨ Pic: @lifeoverstuff #LiveRefreshed


GIVEAWAY!✨ Summer’s the perfect time to get outside & hit the trails! That’s why we’re psyched to be teaming up with @lonelyplanet & @duluthpack for an Epic Summer Hikes Photo Contest! Enter to win one of 25 awesome prize packs! To enter, just upload your best hike photo to Instagram & use the tag #MyEpicHike. Contest ends Aug. 7th at midnight. Follow the link in our bio for contest details. Good luck!🌲 Pic: @ainaandme #LiveRefreshed


Here’s to the weekend!✌️✨ Pic: @shania.jewell #LiveRefreshed


Salty hair and sandy toes. Sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon!☀️ Pic: @saltsandandsmoothies #LiveRefreshed