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ADHD & depression R my challenges
Trad climbing cycling & swimming - plant powered diet (8 months 100%), the cure.

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Thinking back to Buffalo and being on Maharajah, oh what a route


Vegan spinach pie, in a camp oven! And a cook tells me the filling is just like ricotta, just needed salt


Korean tofu bowl lunch at the Nati Cafe. Super delicious vegan fare!


Off the mock fast and it’s a nice cup of chai and toast with homemade marmalade for breakfast! Yum!

The Pines Campground, Mt Arapiles

and I managed to sneak a couple of spoons of delicious into 800 calories. 4 days down, 1 to go


3 days of 800 Val’s down, and I’m thinking that Sunday is vegan pizza day. This pic of me eating my homemade pizza at Luisas birthday is seriously reinforcing that

Natimuk, Victoria

2 days down of 800 cal mock fasting, and on day 3 it’s BREAKFAST WITH BROCCOLI!!!!!! 🥦 Yaaaaaay!

The Pines Campground, Mt Arapiles

My own vegan pizza, made at the Verj in Natimuk. Doesn’t look like much, I’m no pizza cook, tasted great though

Natimuk, Victoria

Spicy Mexican rice with salad and tofu. Super tasty and #vegan

The Nati Cafe

When acknowledging the women of the world, I think it’s worth looking at youth, as they are our future, so here’s @angiescarthjohnson crushing it in Spain. Follow her, she’s awesome.
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I’ve been having an easy 1st week in Spain , I’m having some pains in my forearms, so taking it really slow but I managed to onsight a couple of 7b and this fun route in Espedelles 7c @thenorthface_aunz @climbing_anchors @frictionlabs @accommodation_cacalbet


It’s international women’s day, so here’s a pic of an awesome crusher! @ladylockoff .
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Oh yeah. Still got it.
Took me 2 hours of trying to figure this problem out the first time I sent it 2 years ago. The second time took me a few tries a year ago. And it's nice to see even after a very long break I can now do all the ridiculousness on the very first try. ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️
Photo by: The FABULOUS, @brookbriana