Lemuel Saunders@i.am.bananaman

Ordinary Bloke, 50 years old.
Challenged by ADHD & depression.
Trad climbing cycling & swimming - plant strong diet (9 months 100%), the cure.

Overnight stop at Hickey Falls. On my way to Frog buttress. 1000 kms down, 650 to go. Yaaaaay #vanlife #homeiswhereyouparkit #climbinglife


Friday night at the Nati Cafe. Stuffed capsicum and winter veg! So yum


Begone ugly black & white checked vinyl of not quite fittingness! New flooring coming!


The master at work on installing the frame! Van life will be organised life!


Next step in the van refurbishment! Discovered a lack of insulation in side walls, Bunnings had a split open so Im getting it sorted for $10!!!! BARGAIN!


The van git gutted to get registered, so I'm planning a new fit out! Watch this space for Ford Transit MkII


Just before flashing the amazing “Toccata”, most fun I’ve had on a 15 at Arapiles


Tofu taco harvest bowl!!! Super yum!


Last Fridays weigh in taught me you can’t get complacent. you want to lose the weight, you have to spin them legs!
So today is a fasting day, got up, made some cordial for later on today, made a soup to take out on the bike ride and set off, with a vague idea of doing the 43km loop. Was out and feeling good in the morning sun, so thought I’d do the extra long loop past Mitre and around the back of Mt Arapiles.
Just goes to show you don’t need to continually hammer high cadence or push big watts to lose weight, you just need time under load to burn them cals!


Wow, checkout this amazing creation by @deirdre.robertson ! Makes me wish I had a real kitchen!
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Strawberry, Raspberry, Dragonfruit and Kale Smoothie topped with Puffed Amaranth, Buckwheat Groats, Dried Dragonfruit, Banana, Raspberries and Strawberries! Just found these little delicious delightful @erbology_london puffs, and couldn’t be more pleased! Also, yep ... haven’t tired of those mini cutters! And, if you are wondering how I got my kale and that fabulous smoothie color ... I used a heaping Tbsp of @nature.restore kale powder! Getting my greens and keeping my color! Boom! As for the rest of the smoothie ... I also added kiwi, lime, banana, agave, matcha, maca, coconut powder, flax seeds and water to the raspberries, strawberries, dragonfruit and kale powders! 🌱🍓🥝🍌🥥💥


At my place there’s only one hill. Literally you have to drive 120 kms to the Grampians to ride up a hill, so it’s multiples of the one I got


If you aspire to completing a standard or Olympic distance tri, then @alistair.brownlee is great for inspiration ..... and now crushing 70.3