Becky G@iambeckyg

#ZOOTED with @frenchmontana & @farrukoofficial OUT NOW 👽 • “Sin Pijama” with @nattinatasha also out now 💕

My girl ❤️💁🏻‍♀️ Really excited for tonight! @premiosjuventud 📷 @therealkenrod


So much new music out the last couple weeks with “Don’t Go” w/ my boy @djvice, now “Zooted”, plus next week I’ll have another Spanish release. So happy for all the artistic collaboration & inspiration I’ve been experiencing. “Don’t Go” was recorded a while ago and being a part of it is such a pleasure. Proud all this music is finally out in the world. Here’s some pics of the spontaneous performance with the homie couple nights ago. 👽💜


Tomorrow will be fun. 🍩👽


Seeing you guys react and create to my song is just amazing. This is incredible @itscultura!! 💃🔥 Thanks so much to anyone dancing or singing along to #ZOOTED!


Miami nights. You never know what can happen. 💜


Years later, even through all the bullshit, STILL the same girl at heart.. Just a lot stronger, wiser, & smarter that’s all. This industry can really shape you. You’ll meet some amazing people who are really good to you, & others who seem to be but instead only take the good from you. Thankful for every obstacle, because without those lessons learned I wouldn’t have the tools I need for this next phase in my career. I’ve been doing this longer than half my lifetime. Not including all of the years of living room performances & backyard concerts with the fam before pursuing things “professionally” 😂 Self expression through creativity is all I’ve ever known. From music, to style, to makeup, to dance, to writing stories, scripts, & even every damn coloring book I colored as a kid. I promise you no one can take this away from me because it means so DAMN MUCH & I’ve worked So DAMN HARD. I come from nothing, my family and this means EVERYTHING to me. God has really been testing me, but also been blessing me. I see that now. I am Thankful. Thank you. To everyone who has stood by my side and also to everyone who has ever hurt me in some kind of way for you have taught me how to build myself back up time and time again. It is the best gift you have ever given me. ❤️


1 MILLION VIEWS?!?!? I’m speechless. I can’t express how thankful I am for all the love & support. This means more than anyone could ever imagine. Thank you all so much. To think this is only a little taste and reintroduction of who I truly am as an artist when singing in English is beyond exciting for me. 👽🚨❤️ Thankful to every single person who had something to do with bring this to life. One more time for the people in the back, ONE MILLION VIEWS in the first 24hrs. I wanna cry.


Hermano, thank you for being a part of this with me!!! #ZOOTED🔥🐆 Estamos rompiendo🙌🏽 @farrukoofficial


Link in my bio to my new video “ZOOTED” with @frenchmontana & @farrukoofficial 🍩👽 📷: @emiliosanchez


Had such an amazing time making this video with the legends @frenchmontana and @farrukoofficial! So excited to share this with the world!!! #ZOOTED is out now!! 🍾 💕🙌🏽


Hey @vanessitaagomez, @awsumo had a little idea. 💡 what about a little kickback with the cousins to celebrate being back on the block? I think so. To think this is where it all started... #ZOOTED comes out at midnight. ❤️🍩


House party anyone? 😏 #ZOOTED