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#SinPijama with @nattinatasha is out now 💕

Let me just bless your time lines really quick. Yes, I know & he’s all mine?! Wow. New wallpaper, had to share it. 😍


@nattinatasha and I trying to get this choreo down hahaha 👯 100 million views with this crew on the #DuraRemix lyric video! @daddyyankee @badbunnypr :)


Happy Birthday Beautiful. Not many can say they grew up with their parents, but I can. Learning from you and with you has been such an inspiring experience. With many hard times & good times our bond has only gotten stronger through out this journey. They say that although a mother only can hold our hands for a while they do indeed hold our hearts forever. I can say it’s true. I am who I am because of you. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do. I really don’t know what Dad, Frankie, Alex, Stephanie, & I would do without you. I pray that you enjoy this life & know that you are loved. You are my everything & you deserve the world.. • Damn, Hello 40 years young.


🧠 ⛈️ ❤️


All I’m saying is @nattinatasha & I know how to have a good time #SinPijama 💁🏻‍♀️💕 link in my bio 🥂 Happy Sunday everyone 🤗


¡¡Estoy muy feliz de ser parte de #CCMEFanEdition!! ¡Thank you @tonyaguilarofi por esta gran noticia! Y gracias @cocacola_esp 😊


It's been amazing to see you guys listening and sharing our song @nattinatasha 😍 Check it out right now on @pandora! 💕 #SinPijama


Yesss!!! My girls slayin' 🔥 Love this!! @themostbadones 💃🏻#SinPijama


This summer, meet #AXL... you can watch the trailer now! Link in my bio 🤖 @axl_movie


Solo, sólito en la habitación 😏 Glam and styling squad came through 💄 #SinPijama


Nos quedamos en la cama #SinPijama 😉


You are everything. My light house. My rock. My best friend. My soulmate. My greatest inspiration. I hope to grow to be even half the woman you are. Happy Momma’s day.


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