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The truth is: You are way more powerful than you think. When there seems like there is no way out... slow down, go deep with God... Bring it back to the bigger picture and remember to think with a creation mindset. What would you need to create that is “new” in order to bring about a positive change in your life? The reason why most people stress is because they believe they don’t have the resources to overcome the challenge they are currently facing. When you remember what you have been designed for, overcome in the past and are now equipped with you can approach your struggles with a new power!



This message has been on my heart for a while now ❤️🔥 Please share this with your friends and followers who need to hear this! You can watch the full 3 minute video and 3 steps I share at the end if you head over to my IGTV channel.
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The more clear you are on what you are here on Earth to do, the less time you will have for comparison and negativity.
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This is one of the main reason why most entrepreneurs fail. Don’t live in a fantasy about entrepreneurship take this one on board! #keepinitreal LIVE with @emilesteenveld and @__benjames_ in Bali 🌴



Shoutout to anyone who ever made it to the top and sent the elevator back down for the rest. #gratefulforgreatness



“Every achievement begins in the theatre of the mind! This is where your Vision begins and it is on you to turn your vision into your reality.” @successresourcesaustralia invited me on their podcast to share my strategies with you on how to breathe life into your most epic vision for your future. Don’t miss this episode. Head over to: or subscribe to the Success Resources Australia Podcast on iTunes. #podcast
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Your inner peace is ALWAYS worth more than holding onto something that has ran its course in your life. Learn to know when to “Let it Go”. #letitgo #successmindset #stayinspired



Someone recently asked me on a Facebook LIVE what powerful question that can ask themselves to stay inspired.
Here’s my answer to kick start your new year!
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No more procrastination. It’s time to switch things up and go all in on your dreams! #mindsetiseverything #successmindset #motivation



When people are faced with a struggle they often try to overcome the struggle with the same perspective and approach that got them into the struggle in the first place. Chaos cannot balance out chaos. First you must know you’re in chaos so you can outline new ways to bring order into play.

Surrender in the moment and give yourself a chance to fall forward into Faith before you make your next moves.
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Trust and Believe! If you are facing a challenge right now just know your blessings are closer than you think. You have a mission that is assigned to you that is far more important than the fear of failing or being judged. Move forward with belief that where there is a will... there is a way and God will make it for you!
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I’m so grateful to have been featured on the front cover of Change Creator Magazine (@change_creator) with my homie and business partner (@emilesteenveld). Change creator is an amazing magazine that is all about using your entrepreneurial gifts for more impact. They have featured legends such as Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Muhammad Yunus, Jay Shetty, Arianna Huffington and more.

In this issue we were asked to share our insights around emotional intelligence and influence for more impact and I can’t wait for you to read it.

Emile and I also shared news of our new venture “Elevate with Purpose” where we are breaking off a percentage of our profits from our self development events to fund transformational education in places like Africa, South America, India and South East Asia where they are limited with opportunity for deep transformational work. 2019 is going to be a massive year and we can’t wait to share the journey with you all and any lessons we learn along the way so you can learn how to scale your business and impact too.

In addition to the cover story, we did an exclusive interview that you can listen to at the end of the article. We talk about what it takes to tap into your genius and so much more. They give full access to ALL their magazines for a week free when you sign up. Plus, we got a special COUPON for you to save 30% - ELEVATE30

Check it out at

Emile and I hope you love our cover story and help spread the word.