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I pray that your Faith paves the way in spite of your struggles 🙏🏻 #keepthelighton #godisgood #faith


My brother @jayshetty shared some really profound wisdom during our conversation. To check out the full podcast episode Subscribe to the Addicted2Success podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes or Stitcher and listen to this episode with Jay so he can show you how to tap into the genius parts of yourself.

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All that glitters is not good and all that is gold is not reality. Don’t forget to look for depth in the mental and the physical too.
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If you’re going through a struggle right now just know that YOUR problems are nowhere near as BIG as your POTENTIAL.
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Most of your battles will come from the theatre of your mind and the struggle of your soul. Guard both like your dreams depend on it.
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No more People Pleasing, no more “I’m not Good Enough”! You will never progress if you are in fear of judgement for following your dreams. If you know that the fulfillment of your dreams will lead to a positive impact in this world then you can’t afford to give energy and attention to the negative opinions of others. It’s time to make a difference NOW!
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I asked Michael Bernard Beckwith to share his last 30 second speech to the world. This is what he said ❤️🙏🏻 #Love #inspiration #giveback


No one is going to make your dreams your reality, you must step up and lead the charge if you wish to live out your vision for success. #ItsGameTime 💯🔥


@chriswharder just featured me on his incredible podcast “For The Love of Money”. This is one of the best interviews I have been a part of. This conversation is about “How Faith Can Help You Succeed”. I have had tonnes of messages in my inbox ever since this episode went LIVE. We speak on pressing questions of the human soul, how you can keep your Faith in a world that challenges your beliefs and how to turn your Vision into a reality. CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO to listen to the full episode.


You are gifted and you were created for a purpose. Don’t let the destruction of your fears put a dim light on your dreams. Keep pushing!! No surrender! 🔥🔥🔥
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Press ▶️ This will determine the quality of your life 🔥 take the action and do this exercise today!

🎥 LIVE in San Diego with @ajitnawalkha for the Zentrepreneurs at @mindvalley
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✝️ No Bunnies and Easter eggs. This is the real reason we are celebrating this weekend. “To the Greek, the cross was foolishness. To the Jew, it was a stumbling block. What is it about the cross of Christ that so roundly defies everything that power relishes? Crucifixion was humiliating. It was so humiliating that the Romans who specialized in the art of torture assured their own citizenry that a Roman could never be crucified. But not only was it humiliating, it was excruciating. In fact, the very word “excruciating” comes from two Latin words: ex cruciatus, or out of the cross. Crucifixion was the defining word for pain.
Does that not give us pause in this season now before us? Think of it: humiliation and agony. This was the path Jesus chose with which to reach out for you and for me. You see, this thing we call sin, but which we so tragically minimize, breaks the grandeur for which we were created. It brings indignity to our essence and pain to our existence. It separates us from God.
On the way to the cross two thousand years ago, Jesus took the ultimate indignity and the ultimate pain to bring us back to the dignity of a relationship with God and the healing of our souls. Will we remember that this was done for us and receive his gift?” - Ravi Zacharias (@ravizacharias)
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