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“Get Rich Quick”, “Overnight Success”, “Lucky”. 🤨 Yeah Right!! If you desire to achieve a high level of success in your field, it will NEVER be an easy road. Every entrepreneur that I have interviewed has had many struggles throughout their career and when I ask them what their most defining moment was that facilitated their growth it will 99% of the time come from a breakthrough right after a major challenge 💪🏼🔥 double tap this if you believe the struggle facilitates the growth 🏆


Happy Birthday to my homie @__benjames_ you are special brother. I always enjoy our deep philosophical chats, our off the beaten path adventures around the world and our Aussie banter with randoms. I’ve known you pre-hair and before the IsaFame and you are still the same humble rockstar at heart, just more wiser now and better looking 😂 So proud of you bro! Thanks for being an inspiration to me and so many others.


This is so true. God gives us everything we need to make our dreams come true yet we always ask for more thinking that we don’t already have everything provided to work with. The ingredients is within you and around you and is always provided, it’s on you to get to work.
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If you doubted your fears instead of doubting your dreams imagine how much in life you’d accomplish.


My favorite thing to do... finding myself lost in perfect moments with you xoxo
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What you are capable of is far more exciting than what you have done. Don’t let your stumbles block your growth, today is a new day to soldier on!
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Feeling so blessed and honored to have held the sermon at Livingston Adventist Church for the New Year special. The topic was centered around Your Purpose and God’s Kingdom. God has blessed us all with unique talents and life experiences. With the little time you have here on earth what will you leave behind that will echo through eternity? Don’t let your blessings go to waste.
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Livingston SDA Church

Kicking things off this year by maximizing on the things that matter most. Good times with my Lovely Lady, Mum and Dad. Wishing you more blessings, more love, more unforgettable memories and more dreams fulfilled. Just remember, what you are capable of is far more exciting than what you have already done.... From my heart to yours. Happy 2018! Now go out there and get it!!
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Fear will only dissolve through action. You must act now. No more stalling! Today is the day, right now is the best time to start.
Act as if calendars don't exist!
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Gifts are nice and family time is so important just don't forget why we have Christmas in the first place. Most people want Christmas but they don't want Christ.
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No matter what... Never Give Up!
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A cold hard fact that we must never forget. This will be us one day. Send them your love and prayers today. It's a blessing to be here and breathing. So grateful for mine 🙏🏻
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