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Stop standing on the edge looking down! Be the first to go even if it means taking the journey on your own.

I remember being criticized for years for staying in and working on my dreams. Many did not see my vision but I didn’t let that stop me. I could see the top, my 10 year vision held me to a higher standard and it kept me focused on the bigger picture. It fueled my confidence and disciplined me. “No risk, no reward” would often ring through my mind when I made investments to grow my business and when I was facing challenging moments.

What is your big dream that you know you must leap into? That you can see at the top and you are willing to risk it all for?



So many people in business and in the online world are trying to be better! This is not as effective as being different. What is different? Different is YOU and it’s driven through how you authentically share your story, values and vision with the world. That is what people will come to you for. Not the things you’ve acquired but who you are being is what attracts them to you.
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Yes! The things you think about and act upon determine the quality of your life. Choose wisely! Choose epic!

What do you often tell yourself to keep your MindStrong?



The new Addicted2SuccessTV episode with @timothysykes just went live. Check my instastory to swipe up so you can watch the full episode.

Timothy Sykes is the founder of Karmagawa (@karmagawa ) and he has built more than 40 schools around the world for children in need. He also runs some of the worlds best multi million dollar stock trading training programs and has helped millions of people around the world to realize their potential.

If you’re expecting this interview to be a normal everyday interview... think again. Tim thinks very different to most, he doesn’t care about being judged and he does not hold back.



Yes tough times can hit you hard but the good news is that times like this become great opportunities to learn and grow.

It’s not the problem that’s a problem, it’s how we see the problem.

If you are facing a struggle right now Ask yourself “How else can I look at this? And what is an alternative perspective I can bring to it?

When you see the problem differently it allows you to take different actions that produce better results.

And always keep the Faith 🙏🏼 You were built for this!



One really powerful thing I have learned over the last 24 years of practicing entrepreneurship is that it’s important to measure your success based off the shots you have given and not off this mystical, mythical idea of perfection that so many are in the pursuit of.

You may see a few great achievements of mine on the surface right now but the times I’ve failed and made mistakes over the last two decades I have truly lost count.

Websites, import businesses, product sales, programs, a consulting company, events, a recruitment business, a concert and a music management business are just a small handful of the things I’ve left behind.

The lessons that came with each and every one of these past experiences are now in my mental toolkit and are used and remembered daily in my successful business operations today.

Don’t let your failures and mistakes define you, let the lessons from the past re-align you! It’s time to tap into all of your learned resources and create something even more powerful than you have before!

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When you know your lane, no time is wasted. DOUBLE TAP if you agree 🔥🙏🏼



I am a big believer that the person you will be in a year from now is based on the content you study, who you are mentored by and the people you surround yourself with today. If you believe this too then you will love what I am about to show you.
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Our life is made up of time. The words “spending time” means you are buying time from something. When you are “spending time” with someone you are buying time with them and this is something you both will never get back.

You must invest your time with others wisely. Be intentional about your friendships and relationships if you wish to have a fulfilling and productive life.



The power of focusing forward....

What you can do is way more powerful than what you have already done.

I remember holding myself back from launching my business and going for what I wanted in life because I was waiting on others to give me permission, to tell me when to go, to approve of my moves. This was so damaging to my growth.

I'm so grateful that Jordan Belfort challenged me to cast my vision. He reminded me that I am not my past, that I am the resources and lessons I have gleaned from it.

Fast forward 9 years down the road with all of the success and fulfilment I am now experiencing I now believe that you can do a hell of a lot more with your future than you can with your past.

Focus on the future, get excited for the future and plan with everything you have now in the present. Your past is dead unless you give life to it.—
The question is: What are you doing right now that is not serving you?



Love can’t be bought and it can’t be forced, it must be patiently created and this must start with you first before it can be shared with another.



This will KILL YOUR HAPPINESS! Here’s WHY and here is what to do...

When you are not in tune with who you are and what you have to offer you will make excuses as to why you can’t achieve your dreams. I know this because I used to do things for the approval of others, I didn’t trust myself, I had no Faith and would often live in Doubt and I would say “Yes” to things when I really wanted to say “No”.

What changed it all for me and what can change it all for YOU is coming to an understanding that God made you for a specific Purpose. That you are not just a random blip in existence, that what you do does matter and that you have the power to inspire others just as much as others are able to inspire you in their own unique way.

I came to realise that I had the power to create a Vision for my future and in this vision came hope of more fulfilment, more joy, more direction and more power and this is something I could create and no one else could create for me.

When you get crystal clear on your vision you realise very quickly that your mission here on earth is so different to anyone else. You have no more room for comparison. You realise you have a lane to play in and no one else can fill the shoes of your purpose like you. The name of the game is” Whoever stays in their lane the most….. WINS!”

#GetClear #NoMoreComparisons #ThisIsYourMission

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