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#TBT I came to do an interview with @frenchiebsm on the one year anniversary of #ripslimdunkin & this guy says you will see me again... I have to send a BIG salute to @derezdeshon I turn on the radio & I hear you buzzin.. Camera is ready when you are 📷 🎤 #Respect💯 #TrueToAtlanta #TrustTheProcess #TallBoyExperience @gboy

Patchwerk Recording Studios

If you walk the streets of Lansing Michigan, people wear this brand as if it were #Nike, #Adidas or any other sporting label... To be black owned & operated speaks volumes.

You see the logo... CEO of @iammoneyball D. Ferg took a moment with me to talk about the brand & what Money Ball is all about. We are live at #MoneyBallHeadquarters

Success Story Out Of Lansing Michigan

Stay tuned for the interview.
#LansingFinest #TrustTheProcess #EverettVikings #TallBoyExperience

Waverly, Michigan

My second family, finally had dinner with the Pohlonskis. They took me in as if I was one of there own and I will be forever grateful.
So many good memories with these two. The 6 am workouts, me learning how to dunk a basketball, getting suspended from high school & them bringing me my assignments to holidays we are literally the family from @nbcthisisus.
The crazy is they were both my teachers at my high school.
Not pictured is Jason who left & Sara on the west coast. I am the 4th Pohlonski #Love #Family

Buddies Grill

Had to make a stop to get some soulfood in my life in the D. My aunt says they support this restaurant because the owner gives people opportunity when they get out of prison. Ok I respect that.
Well I can say the sweet potato pie and the raspberry lemonade kool-aid was on point... Detroit #WhatUpDoe #TallBoyExperience

Detroit, Michigan

I remember like it was yesterday playing in the game We named the gymnasium after @magicjohnson. Came back to see our school take on our rival #SextonBigReds

So much has changed since I left but it was good to see this hanging up in the rafters.
#EverettVikings #TrustTheProcess #TallBoyExperience

Everett High School

Would like to say I am humbled... If you #TrustTheProcess it will happen.
If you know my story you know why this is huge. For those who don't know just imagine quitting the job you had to chase your dream & everyone laughs at you & calls you crazy.
Although it's just a post on a major network the logo will be recognized internationally.
Think Big (Believe In God) Think Tall (Sky is the Limit) Think Tall Boy (Because he said so & doing it)

Click the link here or in the bio to see what the Atlanta celebrities & influencers had to say about @blackpanther

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How long has it been since I been back here... I am not ready for this snow. But I will be doing me for a few days. You all enjoy your weekend festivities.



Would like to say thank you to @jackieoasare & @goliquidsoul for allowing me to cover the Atlanta pre-screening of @blackpanther.
To be trusted with this amazing task speaks volumes.

When creating content you tend to see familiar faces & it's life a family reunion when on these red carpets.

Shout out to @thisisdjsamore for your support on this project.
To see the video recap click this link below or in the bio to see what the Atlanta celebrities & influencers had to say about the movie.

@demetria4real @keishabottoms @djfadelf @egyptsherrod @troubleman31 @stalley @headkrack @msjuicyrsms
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Regal Cinemas Hollywood 24 @ North I-85

So I am on the plane minding my own business & the person in the middle seat does this... I dont know your name. I tried to move my shoulder. She looked so peaceful umm WHY.
#WrongOnSoManyLevels #Funny

@southwestair she was happy to carry two bags on the plane as opposed to the other budget airline.
#NoneOfMyBusiness #SouthwestAirlines

Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)

So, I get a phone call saying I am in town.. Its this guy @shonnhinton.. If you dont know him you need to know him he has a song out called I'm Goochie. It's being played in the hole in the walls across the U.S.

I made a video last fall of my life in one year to his song.

He is the guitarist for @therealmaryjblige & that boy can go. Dont say I didn't put you on I was told to meet him on the tour bus before sound check... Milwaukee stand up... Its called the #ShonnHintonExperience lol go figure.

Interview coming soon.

Shout out to @thisisdjsamore
#ImGoochie #TrueToAtlanta #TallBoyExperience

The Fox Theatre