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It's heartbreaking how many posts I've seen and how many women and men have been affected after this #metoo happened. It's ridiculous how often it happens. Like it's a normal reoccurring thing that just gets a slap on the wrist. A person will get raped or sexually assaulted and the perpetrators get away with it most of the time. It happens in colleges too often. At home, at work, on the streets. It's sickening. But this is our reality. It's very sad how I've noticed that whenever I tell someone my story, people don't seem to quite have a reaction. Like it's so "normal" now that things like rape and assault are just shrugged off. Well it is a very serious problem in our society that we must stand up even more for. It's not normal and we should never treat it that way. No one deserves to get violated and you should never blame yourself for it happening. After seeing this trend going around, it makes me want to fight for what I believe in even more. To stand up and be the voice where so many children and people cannot speak, because they are too afraid. And the hardest part that many don't understand, is that it gets harder after it happens. You shut yourself away from the world. You blame yourself for the situations. You hate yourself and everyone around you. It paves way for so many mentally unstable conditions. Not only does it break your body, but it breaks your spirit and mind. It breaks your soul. We are not alone. From a friends post, I will say this, we should no longer be calling ourselves victims, because we are survivors and we are warriors. 💓


I wish we had lavender fields in Georgia 😭
Missing my Europe fam more than ever right now 👾

Mayfield Lavender Field

Last year we found out about the Rise festival in the Mojave desert but were unable to go due to our location and timing. This year it fell right on or four year anniversary so we were able to make the trip. One week before this festival an unimaginable tragedy happened just 40 miles away from the event at another festival where dozens lost their lives and hundreds were wounded and are still fighting today. My wishes on my lanterns were for the souls who have passed in all those tragedies leading up to our event to find peace and love wherever they journey onto next and that things like this will cease to exist in our futures. Mother Nature and human beings can be cruel. We've lost thousands and thousands of lives and millions are left struggling day by day trying to pick up the pieces of their lives and whatever is left over. I know one simple post and wish won't do anything to help the world, but I hope our prayers can be fulfilled where we can all live in harmony and build a paradise for all. Big and small, animals and humans. Together we rise 💓

Moapa Valley, Nevada

With the pressures of society and the way people think, it's no wonder why some are always feeling low and having self esteem issues. I can see why some are drawn to surgery. It's not a bad thing at all. You do you and as long as it makes you happy then that's all that matters. I've been struggling most of my life wondering whether I should get bigger breasts or not because of the way certain clothes couldn't fit or the way my boyfriends treated me compared to other women they thought were absolutely beautiful and curvaceous. And it just makes you feel like shit sometimes. But you know what? You don't need a man or society's approval for the way you look and feel. Because you deserve better and you deserve your own self love more than anyone else's love. 💓

Little Tokyo Japanese Village

This past weekend and week was absolutely amazing! We celebrated four years of being together under thousands of beautiful lanterns released by thousands of beautiful souls 💓

Moapa, Nevada

We should always take the time to pray for the better of the people, creatures and the world. 💓 Some people link prayer to religious beliefs. But to me, praying is our wish to the universe and the more you pray the more you're bringing it into existence. So let's never forget to pray for the creatures and our world and universe. For love and peace because everyone and everything deserves that and happiness 🌸

Mojave Desert

Live in light and love with peace and hope forever in our hearts 💕

Bellagio Gardens

Icecream time 🍦
This place was 👍🏻 I love icecream!!!!

Bumsan Organic Milk Bar

Look at this cute little icecream shop from Sweden 🇸🇪 🌹


I've been on a pink binge lately. I promise I'll stop 🌸🙆🏻🌸💓🌸

Santa Monica Beach

Kaleidoscopic sunglasses are gorgeous to look at! But not so much to look through 😂


I promise I'll stop posting pinky stuff. Just kidding. I do what I want. And so should you! Don't ever let what anyone says about you make you ever doubt yourself! 💓🌸


Ultraviolet feels 👩🏼‍🎤
These purple sunglasses are everything! They don't really block the sun though. 😂
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I've been loving these kinda tops lately! The nice holographic shine to them and how airy they feel 🦄 .
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