Ian McAllister@iantmcallister

#Wildlifeconservation. Directing 2019 #GreatBearIMAX. Represented by @natgeocreative. Executive Director @pacificwild . Fellow of iLCP and RCGS.


The heart wrenching story of the mother killer whale keeping her dead calf afloat for the last two weeks gained international attention as we are reminded of the deep social bonds that exist in the non-human realm. This tragic event reminded me of an incident a number of years ago when a female wolf was accidentally hit and killed by a logging truck on Yeo island near Bella Bella. The dead body was thrown to the side of the road and a week later the soft mourning howls of her family were still heard from the edge of the forest. The emotions felt by the loss of a family member is not exclusive to humans.


Starry nights, good friends, #greatbearrainforest river hikes. With @callummca7325 @lucy.mcallisterr @luke_kotaska Tristan Jeo.


Fur is flying as these wolves have a classic sibling wrestling match. It always seems like typical roughhouse play fighting but there is plenty else going on with subtle (and not so subtle) displays of dominant and submissive behaviour. One of these wolves may become the leader of this pack and there is plenty to prove in the meantime. #coastalwolves #greatbearrainforest #siblingrivalry #savebcwolves


Definitely baby season in the #greatbearrainforest. This Sandhill Crane family arrives each day to forage in the intertidal zone searching for mussels, periwinkle snails and insects. #sandhillcrane


Pacific white-sided dolphins always having fun while working the tidal rips for food. With appreciation to the amazing crew of @pacificyellowfincharters for an action packed week of adventure. It was pretty much like having these dolphins as shipmates. I do have to admit that I am not 100% sure who’s image this is because I was sharing camera bodies with my daughter @lucy.mcallisterr. We may just have to fight over this one.


Almost 30 years ago I met this spirit bear on the side of a salmon filled creek in the #greatbearrainforest. Life was a lot simpler back then for this bear. Much less plastic washing up on the shores of its island home, fewer people wandering about, more salmon- a lot more salmon - winter snow pack was more predictable, one of the reasons bears are not surviving winter hibernation today. Changing climate and ocean regimes, habitat destruction and a host of other factors are all conspiring to make for a very fragile and uncertain future for the ancestors of this bear. #spiritbear


Coastal wolf assessing the next crossing. #greatbearrainforest #coastalwolves #rainwolves


Under the #thinblueline of the #greatbearrainforest a world awaits our help. Lack of protection, oil and LNG pipelines, unsustainable fisheries, fish farms, acoustic pollution are just a few of the threats facing our marine ecosystems. Join the voices at @pacificwild to be part of the movement to protect this coast. #marineconservation #turningthetide


The industrial legacy of the abandoned salmon cannery of Namu in the #greatbearrainforest continues to pollute surrounding waters. Once home to a 10,000 year old Heiltsuk village site and a thriving sockeye salmon producing river system today asbestos, creosote, oil and other contaminates continue destroying the local area. Our Prime Minister @justinpjtrudeau can find 4.5 billion tax dollars to build a tar sands oil pipeline to our coast but refuses to clean up the mess that already exists. #namu #heiltsukterritory


This little guy is known as a COY - or cub of the year. He will stay by the side of his mom for his first three years of life and won’t reach sexual maturity until about six years of age. One of the reasons grizzly bears are among the slowest reproducing mammals in the world. #grizzlybears #greatbearrainforest #bearsofinstagram @pacificwild #bearsforever


Marine mammal hunting transient killer whale spy-hops along the Douglas channel, Gitga’at First Nation territory. If you look closely, the remains of a Dall’s porpoise can be seen hanging from her mouth. #greatbearrainforest #orca


Trying to imagine what these eyes have witnessed. #wolfeyes