Ian McAllister@iantmcallister

#Wildlifeconservation. Directing 2019 #GreatBearIMAX. Represented by @natgeocreative. Executive Director @pacificwild . Fellow of iLCP and RCGS.


Trying to imagine what these eyes have witnessed. #wolfeyes


This ends poorly for the #GoPro.


Monarch of the rainforest, coastal grizzly bears never disappoint with personality, swagger and sense of purpose. Worthy of all that is great in the #greatbearrainforest. #shotonred @reddigitalcinema #greatbearimax with @d.leowinata @pacificwild @andymaser @pacificwild


The ocean provides for all of us, including this little spirit bear cub. Let’s give thanks on this #worldoceansday to such a powerful force of nature and here’s hoping that the extremely tested resiliency of the worlds oceans are able to hold on awhile longer as we humans contemplate our relationship to that which sustains us. @pacificwild @saveourseasfoundation @sea_legacy #oceanfeedstherainforest


What a month it has been. Our Prime Minister @justinpjtrudeau sells out British Columbia and Canada and any hope this country once had in reversing climate change by committing billions of tax dollars to bail out Texas based Kinder Morgan and its tar sands pipeline to the BC coast. This total betrayal comes from the same man that promised to end fossil fuel subsidies in his election campaign. BC Premier @johnhorgan4bc and many First Nation communities continue to wage a valiant fight against this destructive pipeline but it is going to take many more voices to be heard before this project is killed once and for all. Thankfully, BC is also getting help from our southern neighbour as Washington State Governor Jay Inslee has come out supporting BC’s position to oppose the pipeline. Stay tuned as this pipeline becomes an international symbol of Canada’s total hypocrisy as an environmental leader. #stopkindermorgan #tarsands #notankers


Humpback whale bubble-net feeding behaviour in the #greatbearrainforest. Throwback from last summer as we were filming for the #greatbearimax film that is set to release in Feb 2019. With @d.leowinata @andymaser @haley.crozier #shotonred @reddigitalcinema #humpbackwhales @imax.movies #giantscreen


🎶turn up the volume for this #wolfwednesday as this family comes together before heading out on the nights hunt. #savebcwolves #explorebc #greatbearrainforest #seawolves @pacificwild


These rainforest wolf pups have it pretty good. Try to bite the other ones tail, dig some clams, play with a few crabs, wait till the adults come back with some food. Life is ok on this remote beach in the #greatbearrainforest


After days of gale force winds and no lack of rain the sky opens up in the #greatbearrainforest. #heiltsukterritory


Nothing more interesting than being approached by a new pack of wolves. My experience has taught me that wolves are extremely intelligent and discerning and they have always treated me with either fear, curiosity, indifference or measured tolerance. What is certain is that the outcome of the first introduction often lays the foundation for a longer relationship. First impressions are important. @pacificwild #savebcwolves #wolves #explorebc #seawolves


An old proverb says that a wolf is fed by its feet, but here on BC coast it is the productivity of the ocean that sustains most wolves. The ocean provides many prey items not normally associated with wolf diet. Seals, salmon, clams and even chitons are all on the menu. #oceanfeedstherainforest #savebcwolves @pacificwild


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