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Esta foto esta dedicada a @kainxs Gabriel, gracias por todo el trabajo que hiciste por el 1. Congreso de Instagramers a #Torrevieja2012. Que fantástica oportunidad de conoceos a ti y a los otros talentosos y simpáticos Instagramers. Fue muy especial. Espero que se pueda repetir en otros lugares de España. Saludos, Barbara x




Hey there! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Apologies for my IG absence. Am in the throes of shifting gears with what I'm doing and some things have fallen a bit wayward in the process. For those of you who have been wondering where the devil I've ensconced myself, please know I've started a "proper" (!) photography course and hence have been trying to free myself of my iphoneography addictions... (easier said than done!) ...ironically though, a lot of you are to "blame" for this given how much [very appreciated] encouragement and feedback I've had from you these last months... A bit mad perhaps, but I thought it was time to pick up the gauntlet and give the real thing a try. I shall keep you duly posted...in the meantime, hope you are all well. Thinking of you a lot and definitely missing your pictures and your daily banter. Take care. Barbara x PS for those of you who like black and white and like using hipstamatic, you should try the combo JohnS + rock bw- 11 ...love it! :)


Irreverent! | Have a great weekend everybody! :)


Learning to fly.


Street play.


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