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Snapshot of the future .


It always depends on the attitude. It is everything.#KeithHarrell #bepositve #influential


Fathers day chilling. Nephew bonding , family connecting....It's all love.


Event so heavenly by @yventkouture. All the work behind the scene turned out really classy. It was a good show indeed. Happy birthday to the CEO of Elizade Motors Chief Michael Ade=Ojo. Icon living indeed.#MAO




Readers are leaders. Make it a habit and it becomes a life style. Happy New month and may this month be spectacular for you. Do something unique , stretch your mind . Read a book and encourage a Child to do same . You'd be contributing to the greatness of that child tomorrow by the example you create today. #bookyardintl #bookfair #lifebuilder #nextgenerationleaders #rolemodels


Happy children day to all kids in Nigeria and worldwide. Let your light so shine today and always. You are the leaders of today, not the other way round #futureisbright


Raising the next generation of creative minds @bookyardintl.school .#futureleaders #youngfilmmakers


Stay cool , calm and steady. No matter what the week throws at You, remain positive. You will overcome.#brightweekahead #makeimpact


It pays more when you catch them young.#bookyardintl.school #futureleaders #rolemodels


I met some very cool Guys @voiceoveracad. Keep shining . Make your voice count .


Had a conversation with a close buddy who was telling me about a book he's reading = The Monk who sold his Ferrari. So I decided to quickly glance through a chapter and something interesting hit me.
Over 5000 ideas traverse the length and breadth of our minds but we often don't pay attention to them. So therefore , it is important to document your THOUGHTS.
You know why ? Because Memory is treacherous. And like it's often said , the faintest pen is way better than the sharpest memory.

Put down those ideas when it hits you . You'll appreciate yourself later.#cannonthoughts #thoughtleader #disruptor #conceptualpreacher #voiceoveracademy #shareitifitcounts