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i’m a true angel ☆ gentle and too soft for this world

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purple angel for @milkmakeup


Me waiting for men to respect me because I’m a human and not because they find me conventionally attractive.


Finding who you are and what makes you happy is the most exciting part of life. We are constantly evolving and changing our minds but as long as you feel comfortable with who you are, thats all that matters #AExMe @AmericanEagle #ad


Everyone keeps asking if we’re sisters lol


Season 4 Episode 14
The devils in Twilight Zone are hotter than the angels they’ve had. Does this mean that attractive people go to hell?


selfie vs non selfie

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Practice 0333
i’m trying my best to make myself the woman/artist i want to be


I used to be so scared about being considered different than all the kids around me growing up. So I made myself an introvert to blend in and I was very unhappy doing so. As I grew more into myself, I learned there is nothing wrong with standing out and having a voice. #AExME @americaneagle #ad


I can’t wait to be near the ocean again. Smell the salt water, watch the sunset, and see the moon softly waiting in the distance


light and air (2018)


Being yourself shouldn't be hard. But what is difficult is figuring out the best way to express yourself. As a child, the first way I found to express myself besides art, was fashion. How I dress is apart of me, it's how I represent myself, and it's how I show who I am without words. #AExME #ad @americaneagle


✨ Thank you so much @instagram for honoring myself and other creatives of color for Black History Month tonight. It was truly amazing seeing myself up on your event walls alongside other talented black people. I had an amazing night! ✨