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“So you think we all just have animal dreams. We can’t think of anything to dream about except our ordinary lives.” “...If you want sweet dreams, you’ve got to live a sweet life.” I've been reading Kingsolver's Animal Dreams the past few days and have thought about this a lot. What does it mean to live a sweet life when there's so much sad shit interspersed?


Prefab desert hideout.


A short night in Bryce. I can't remember what I ate for dinner last week but looking at this photo I clearly recall driving up to Bryce's highest point, pulling my mug and burner out, and making myself a meal of too hot tomato soup and a slightly soggy tortilla. I've captured thousands, tens of thousands of images, and every single one takes me back to a moment when I was doing exactly what I wanted.


The only part of Monument Valley I didn't totally hate. Before people start screaming objections, it's obviously a natural wonder, and I love that it's in Native hands, but the horde of loud, littering tourists made me want to scream and hide.


A different kind of Monday morning. Missing southern Utah right about now.


This is one of the few portions of Glen Canyon that doesn’t make me ragey. If you ever want to scream WHY, look up the history of Glen Canyon’s forced flooding to create the Lake Powell reservoir.


Spotlight on sunset. We see them all of the time (hopefully!), but that doesn’t make them any less special. I feel blessed to have had jobs and a disposition that allow and require me, respectively, to watch the sun set almost every day.


This isn’t a technically perfect image, but I love it anyway. I slept at a nearby rest stop (after searching for somewhere safe for far too long the night before), and when I woke up and looked around, this is where I was. Right up near the border of New Mexico and Colorado, with smoke particulate from nearby forest fires, this bridge felt like something out of a sci-fi/fantasy western.


Tree graveyards are some of my favorite places to go for quiet reflection. The scars left behind by wildfires are the most prominent features, but if you look a little closer you'll find resilient plant and animal life on the rebound.


Mesa Verde mountain roads. I'm grateful for the 6 weeks I had in between my last job and this new role. Grateful for the means to spend my time however I saw fit. Grateful for the safety and stamina that saw me through what ended up being 2 back to back relatively long road trips. Grateful for the nights away from cities under sparkling night skies. And now I'm ready for my first day. 😊


I decided to pull over on the side of the road to sleep for the night, then I looked up and realized I was in Red Canyon.


Though I'm partial to solo time in remote locations, doing what I love with the person I love was pretty darn special. The Milky Way's tail dancing over Clear Lake was the essence of summer.