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High moon, low sun.


It's a conscious decision to share beautiful images when there's so much ugly shit going on in the country. As I rage, I also remind myself of the specific reasons why it's important to agitate for just treatment of immigrant children and their families. They too deserve the right to feel safe enough to look up at the stars for hours, to be treated as human beings and not wild dogs. They deserve beauty, too.


Nautical twilight. This trip is all about finding solitude and beauty where the mountains meet the sea.


Soft summer sunsets. I'm on the road until Tuesday (maybe longer?) - solo road tripping in the most divinely secluded spaces. Follow along on my stories.


Tuesdays are for daytrips down windy coastal highways. Wednesdays for packing...


This is one of my favorite photographs that I've ever made or shared. Not just because the rainbow is perfectly set against the granite and the greenery of the forest floor, but also because the moment was splendid. I was up in my semi-secret spot high above tunnel view, and for hours I danced and sang and just sat in peace. Nobody around, just the way I like it. I'm looking forward to more moments like this over the next few weeks.


With the sun setting on one chapter, it's both exciting and nerve-wracking to anticipate what's coming in the next. 😊


It's almost needs a beat behind it.


It's been a great week, but I'm excited to be on my way back west in 24 hours. Hoping to have more time alone and outdoors soon.


The very best night lights.


Last night I was thinking about my mom while deleting another HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY BUY THIS THING YOUR MOM WILL DEFINITELY LOVE email. They used to make me sad, then they made me mad. How on Earth could marketers not realize that an inbox full of them feels so cruel for so many? But last night, after deleting yet another, I thought about how Mother's Day is so special because it just might be the first holiday when a good deal of us learned how to give to someone else without getting anything in return. A holiday solely focused on the one person who focused solely on us. It's still sad, I still get mad, but I feel gratitude that I was blessed with such a wonderful, smart, headstrong mama. And that I got to learn how to celebrate others by celebrating her. Hugs to all the awesome moms and those rage archiving marketing emails ahead of a bittersweet weekend.


Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Love this sentence (which has a real meaning!!) but it has nothing to do with these beauties, because they're bison. Happy Monday.


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