Ron Toledo@iheartcarpentry

I love to build I love to create I love to turn my house into a home. As the son of a painter-carpenter, I began honing in on my craft early on.

Final bathroom finished . We went with a marble tile rather than granite or solid stone just to be different. Loving the new look. "This house is clear"


I wouldn't plug my most hated appliance in this angry looking outlet


Just want to showcase my brothers miniature carpentry skills. @ibuildsmallthings . Everything is designed and handcrafted exclusively by him. He is amazing and his houses houses sell for over 100k. Incredible.
#miniatures #miniaturehouses


Got the Velvet fabric glued and installed on the closet dresser jewelry drawer for la wifey.


And it's done . Took longer than I imagined well with the holidays and all but we could now enjoy this master bath.


So awesome and creative from @mdwoodshop


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