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WATCH: If Your BFF Were Your Parent!

If your homegirl was your parent you’d never be caught slippin’ w/ a wack IG filter or leave another party early again! 😂 Flower crowns + full shots 4LYFE 🤣 Tag your BFF below and make sure to watch the full video by tapping my bio link! xx


What’s that, you say?! The #GirlLove Screening Series is returning to Los Angeles! 🎥 I am partnering with the upcoming film The Spy Who Dumped Me to host an exclusive early screening! Quickly RSVP for your chance to attend before seats run out! I can’t wait to celebrate funny women in film with you. (And eat popcorn, because otherwise what are we even doing here). #SpyWhoDumpedMe #ad


On the latest episode of #SpiceNews, @iimanjeetii acts a little strange for reasons still unknown 😂😂 I’m having so much fun with this. Check out the full episode for free on IGTV or @iiparamjeetii will beat your face. Comment 🌶️ below if you’ve already seen it x


Headed to South Africa tonight, feeling blessed and acknowledging my privilege to travel the world. Thank you universe! How I wish I could take this little baby @scarbrothedawg with me on my trip but it’s 21 hours on a plane and mommy loves you too much for that. So you can sneak more treats than usual and I’ll drink 11 mini vodkas on the flight to make it even. ❤️ (📷: @g.banga)


Team Super all day. @scarbrothedawg


Romantic comedies out here setting high af expectations for best friends. Like that one wild party animal BFF who drinks all day, stays up all night and has flings yet has perfect skin, mad energy and has never had a cold sore. Like how?! Tag a bestie that belongs in a rom-com and hit that bio link to see the full video! 💯


How lucky am I to have fans like @chefeitanbernath?! I invited this little angel over and he cooked for the entire team. I’m talking custom dishes made specifically for my brand. It was delicious and he’s only 16!! So do me a favour and follow him because he’s lovely and talented and good people deserve your support. Thank you. Good bye. God bless. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


If @scarbrothedawg was a human he’d be loyal AF, motivated by treats and very easily impressed 😭😂 He’s not that different from most of us tbh hahaha! S/O to @connorfranta for being down to be v fashionable puppy person in my latest video 💅🏽🐶 Tag a friend below and click the link in my bio to watch our full collab!


We don’t just survive out here. We conquer. for the softest inspo tee. Get it now.


Now if you're a #TeamSuper OG, you know just how much I LOVE Monopoly. So, I don't even mind this #Ad tbh because authentic AF. Today I'm keeping a bit of a closer eye on my Monopoly cash – because the new Monopoly Cheaters Edition has everyone tryin' to pull a fast one on me! Skipping spaces, stealing from the bank, and dodging rent are actually ENCOURAGED in this version of the game! Check out my IG Story to see me & my team compete-to-cheat, and be sure to tag any family or friends who are known to cheat during a Monopoly game in the comments! Thanks @Hasbro for giving all my cheating friends a chance to actually beat me. #MonopolyCheaters


Met this awesome guy @bhuvan.bam22 and we did a fun thing for his channel that you’ll see soon. I love meeting creators from around the world and learning from them, vibing with them and having pimples around them. It’s all about growth and energies y’all. Bhuvan is hilarious and wonderful. I’m glad I invited a complete stranger to my house and he ended up being so cool.


People let a lot of trash slide online but the minute you make the mistake of using “your” instead of “you’re” it’s GAME OVER. CANCELEDT. RIP. The replies to a tweet with a grammar mistake is Roast City and it’s not somewhere you want to be 😂🤣 Tag a friend who doesn’t play when it comes to grammar and check out the full video by hittin’ that bio link!