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Look me in my eyes and tell me who ya favorite Sagittarius is 🤗


Girls interrupted


Mother knows 💎 The seven basic needs:
Ecstasy, insurrection against the existing form of life, friendship, friendliness, demon confrontation, livelihood without slavery to the money economy, courage


Nola and Opal 💕 #shesgottahaveit #luvizluv


Double your Impact TODAY on #GivingTuesday

This #GivingTuesday, Nov. 28, African Services' Board of Directors will match all gifts up to $10,000.
In Ethiopia and New York City, @africanservices skilled and dedicated staff help more than 30,000 of the most vulnerable people from around the globe each year overcome legal, health, and social challenges to get on their feet.
MY FRIENDS THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DOING TOO MUCH WHEN IT COMES TO WORTHY CAUSES!! Save the elephants, donate to Planned Parenthood, help people to access clean drinking water let’s do it all! LINK IN BIO ♥️♥️♥️

African Services Committee


Two planes, two trains, and an automobile to have this moment with my incredible grandmother. Gratitude universe!

Village de Penne-d'Agenais

Two birds, one stone. If you haven’t watched @shesgottahave and @thepunisher yet on @Netflix you’re ball gag guy.


Now streaming on @netflix. Happy Thanksgiving to all, blessings to all ♥️


My dear New York, I owe everything to you. Thank you @gothammag for indulging me in city talk, my favorite talk. Great chat with #OussamaZahr on the luck I’ve had working on projects at home and why @shesgottahave (2 days away on @netflix!!) is a show I can get behind as a woman, a woman of color, as an artist, and finally, as a New Yorker who still remembers when...


This was a fun one...@thepunisher now streaming on @netflix #Crosshairs


#AmericaRecyclesDay! Join @ragandbone in helping @habitatforhumanity create insulation for homes across the U.S using your own repurposed denim! Recycle your unwanted jeans at participating stores to receive a 20% discount. #ragandbone #bluejeansgogreen 💚
Sidebar: Thank you @miaquinnmia for stopping to take this photo for me at the end of a 15 hour day 😘


Shemekka, Cheryl, Nola Darling, Opal & Clorinda. Thanksgiving day on @netflix #shesgottahaveit
The wickedly talented @ursulastephen and @georgisandev on hair and makeup 💕💕💕


Hair @ursulastephen
Makeup @georgisandev 💕


Imagining what the pool parties were like at Alder Manor in 1912 📷 @tancsade


A+, Brooklyn.


Happy Birthday Mother Earth! You grow us all with your fierce love, wisdom and compassion. And that smile! This world is so lucky to have you in it and i’m so lucky to have you as my mama, i hit the jackpot. Love you so much i could burst. Infinity and beyond ♥️


Less than a month away! @shesgottahave Thanksgiving day on @netflix! #thebigbinge


@naturallyby helped me get over my irrational fear of under eye liner today and I feel like a woman with a new lease on life🤘🏾#selfiecentral today w @deceptionabc




Happy Birthday Albie, baby. The most kind, most generous, most handsome man in the whole world. Through it all ♥️

The Grill

Instant classic.


When your pants say stay in bed but ya abs say walk yo ass to the gym #sundaze the return of @jacobspickles is gonna be the death of me.


American voices speak up for immigrant rights! ✨ It was always my hope that as my career progressed and my visibility increased, so too would the visibility of my parents nonprofit organization @africanservices. HUGE thanks to @people for giving me this platform to talk about the incredible works ASC does in both NYC and Ethiopia. Also discussed: why I consider my self so lucky to have grown up in Harlem and the #1 most embarrassing thing my dad does in public 🤦🏾‍♀️ This week's issue on stands now. Link to online piece in bio ♥️ #istandwithdreamers #heretostay


If you told me I could only ever watch one show for the rest of my life, my pick would be The Wire. If you told me while I was falling in love with The Wire back in 2009 that I'd ever get a chance to work with creator David Simon, I wouldn't believe you. Tonight my #ShowMeaHero family @domfishback and @nataliekpaul who I've watched grind it out over the last 3 years are back, again led by the indomitable #davidsimon, and I could not be more excited. Proud of you ladies!! #stargirls #madeinNY 🌟


When you wrap at 2pm on a Friday 😝#rbphotoproject #rbgiveback


@ragandbone the beautiful children of Entoto, Ethiopia. Beneficiaries of your donation to @africanservices ♥️#rbphotoproject #rbgiveback


Me by me for @ragandbone's Spring/Summer 2018 collection in support of my @africanservices family ♥️ Thank you @ragandbone for your generosity and commitment to giving back. #rbphotoproject #rbgiveback styled by #melanieward


Day one and I'm already winning bets. Gonna be an expensive season @amaurynolasco! #DeceptionABC


One (happy) colorful cast #shesgottahaveit ❣️