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Deception Sun night at 10|9c on @abcnetwork Competing in the @lifetimetri #SoBeTri April 15th for the kids of @stjude link 2 fundraising page in bio♥️

In case you missed this somehow today. I just called and got off the phone with an actual human, not an answering machine, in Representative Espaillat’s office who was happy to answer my questions. If you don’t want that level of involvement for some reason, maybe you’re shy, maybe you feel like you don’t know the right questions to ask, DONT ask any questions- just tell the person on the other end that you support SB3036 and go to sleep tonight knowing you’ve done something, for at least today, to help your tiniest brothers n sisters. #immigrantrightsarehumanrights


We eat these 😎


Littlest visitor and local celebrity came by @shesgottahave set today! Baby T even has sunglasses named after her (thanks to mama @evamasaki) dropping in July 😎😍


Sisters @stephaniecorneliussen? 🤯😉


For all my craft beer enthusiasts


Five trillion plastic bags used per year! Thank you @meaghanrath for tagging me and holding me accountable. I pledge to give up single use plastic bags forrrrrevverrrrr, part of that 5 trillion no more 🙅🏾‍♀️ I challenge @simonegjohnson and anyone else who’d like to join Meaghan and I. What single use plastic non necessity are you willing to give up to keep our planet healthy? ♻️💚


Knew what I had when I had it with this bunch. So lucky to get a season to create and laugh with these people. So much love to loyal fans of the show for tweets and messages and for joining us every week. I suppose the thing about a cliffhanger for a series finale is that you get to write our fate the way you like it 😉♥️ So many of these BTS photos, to post more?


Mirrored sunglasses to separate the boys from the men.
Hair that goes vroom @bradleyirion .
Makeup magic @joannasimkin .
Styled by @christinajpacelli 💸 .
📸👑 @sergiokurhajec .
Awkward hand- all me all day.


A smiling @officialspikelee is my favorite Spike Lee. Congratulations, maestro! Rocket to the moon!


About me~
For @imagista
Photographed by @sergiokurhajec

Styled by @christinajpacelli
Makeup @joannasimkin
Hair @bradleyirion


If you ever wanna know whether or not a friend is into you romantically, tell an ex the two of you are just friends in front of them and check out the look on their face ☺️ I had the flu this entire episode and it was still my favorite one, thank you @imbrettdalton for being the best ex boyfriend I’ve ever had 🥀


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