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🗣️I Like Hugs 🤙🏾
Does your Smile exist
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How to make a teachers day tell them they matter to you at some point. Out of 162 kids I appreciate this one even more.
Yes Teachers have favorites.


When you’re about to take a baby and me picture and you see mommy moving and she think we don’t see her, WE DO ! 🗣️ HI !


If you don’t let the Sun kiss you today I don’t know what you’re doing.
The Sun trying to make love to your soul and you playing victim. Appreciation is the first step.
I’ll hug the hell out of you right now keep playing with me !
Sun make me wanna hug a tear out of you.
I love you 🔮



My today’s feelings exactly !
I love when they Smile 💕


Good Night America
Have a peaceful nights sleep and wake up happy we love you 😘


When Cole said:
“I used to like B#%ches with hair perms. Now I like it Natural. Actual. Factual.
Naps & sh*t. Bougie, still do ratchet sh*t.”
Yea, I can relate!


My Brother is at it again and with a Completed book to Sign this time!
Looking forward to seeing everybody there I love you and Be Great !
More Details: Please reach out to RNDRT @rndrt25


How every woman should have been for National Women Appreciation Day, March 8, 1975.
My Princess 👑 : Chilling + Television + StressFree + QueenN
My Queen 👑 : Drinking My Daughter’s Apple Juice : without a Cup !


The greatest gift I have obtained recently has been silence. Now I do, Say less.
@robyngreer Son took this picture (with help from Noah)


🤩🤩Because I’m sitting right across from you I’ll just tell you the caption 🤩🤩


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