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Yea, I go to pilates with my mom. It's how I keep my figure 🍍

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First Slide: @meetdhali drinks a beer as a loving couple drinks in the night.
Second Slide: @meetdhali eats a taco as the loving couple eat each other's faces.
Third Slide: After a long night the loving couple lays down for intimate rest as @meetdhali gazes upon them.


Although it doesn't look it this was a really good day. Cold, dusty, and the sulfur we spread stings your eyes real bad, but these guys could make any situation a good time. Thanks for the help. Can't wait for the 4th man to make it back home as well.


Found this old video of baby Jace. The surprise ending is pretty fun.


nah baby... it didn't hurt when I fell from heaven, here's a pic of it. Swipe right to see some other cuties who fell not long after me. Thank you @gracieelouu for photographing our stupidity.


My reading spot


When the planet's aligned and all three of us in separate accidents broke our arms at the same time...


Just more pictures of Poko. Honestly though these are my favorite photos anyone has ever taken. Thanks @palmero.ashlyn




Surfing with Grandma 🌊


Happy birthday I am so happy to have shared so many great memories with @vanessa_myrinna Even though we have gone our separate ways all the time we spent together means so much. Have a good day!


Forgot I took photos of this wrestling match that concluded in a cuddle session 😙 why don't all wrestling matches end with cuddles?


Celebrating @meetdhali birthday and him passing his test to become an RN. As always Poko steals the show with her cuteness. Congratulation Meet!!