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Ⓘndigo - Birman 7 yrs
Ⓚoru - Panther 11 yrs
Ⓛillian - Tuxedo 2 yrs

Someone 🙄 not naming any names... 👆 broke into the food container and had themselves an all you can eat buffet all over the kitchen floor 😈
So now they are waiting on the sidelines watching, while everyone else eats lunch 😿 #wickedwednesday


#chicken 🍗 making the #mondays better


We were invited to the #fridaynightboxparty 🥊 but I might be confused about the type of "boxing" that goes on at these pawties 😹📦 Will you be joining furriends?


#thankfulthursday ❤️ Thank you to all of our wonderful friends for your support and kind words for our Koru bear. He is doing much better and has been more active and is no longer crying at the water bowl 🙏 We still have several days of antibiotics to go for his pancreatitis, but we hope that he contintues to improve. Thank you for your patience with us as we take some time away to care for our boy. We truly appreciate all of you and miss you lots!! 😽 #kittykisses from all of us!! 💋


Sorry we have not been posting much friends. Our #wickedlyhandsome Koru bear has not been well. He has pancreatitits once more and is feeling just awful 😿 Here he being is such a brave boy while getting acupuncture at the vet ❤️


Happy #wickedlyhandsome Wednesday furriends!!


Getting close and personal on this #tuxedotuesday 😻


You promise it's #caturday 😻⁉️


Hope you have peaceful #purrsday friends 😴💕
This #throwbackthursday features our foster boy Milo who was adopted by a lovely couple and moved to his #furreverhome this past weekend. We will miss his sweet nature, handsome tabby face and tiny pterodactyl voice 💙 We love you "Mimi" and wish you all the best with your new family 😽 we couldn't be happier for you!!


#wickedlyhandsome Wednesday is back and #koru is here to represent 😻 Have a pawesome day friends!!


One look at this face 😻
And I think to myself 💭
What a wonderful world 🌎


Happy #meerkat Monday everypawdy! 😽


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