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Listen yall @alisiddiq is NOT PLAYING!! @beyonce you have won Ali!!! Representing at HEB 😂😂😂😂😂


Things im thinking:

1. Watch how the Coachella gets a significant amount of 'hue' & pigmentation next year ... 2. It took a herculean effort by Harden for the Rockets ... to beat an 8 seed timberwolves ... by 3 ... at home!
Shouldn't I be concerned?!?!? 🧐

3. How do i say this respectfully? If you don't have your sh*t together stop with the inspirational quotes and what I need to be doing 😕

4. Cavs might not make it out the first round ... 5. So what I deduced was that Beyonce is an OT Genasis fan ... lol. I wonder how many people downloaded that 'Everybody Mad' track the last few days?
6. The Door guy at Concrete Cowboy said he couldn't let me in cause 'I had on shorts' whilst watching other people wearing shorts order shots at the bar. I chuckled. That was refreshing 😑

7. Cowboys play the Texans this year in Houston! A promoter & owner dream come true! City is going to be on fire!

8. I need a knowledgeable person to break down the entire Syria debacle to me

9. I canceled my Cancun trip next month since they just killed 14 people within a 2 day period ... 😳

10. When McDonald's messes up i have Burger King but I just realized that there is no adversary to Starbucks! Shipleys? Stop & go?

11. OTC Weekend is nigh ... Ladies I need for you channel and be in tune with your inner Thot
12. Shannon Sharpe said in response to Dez Bryant "... not to confuse Habit with Hardwork." I'm inspired. I need to crank up this hustle a few more notches!

13. Speaking of hardwork, Big Birthday shouts to Fuji Fred @fredagho today! I appreciate you broski!

14. A Life Weekend May 3rd-6th will be OFF THE CHAIN! #GetFamiliar

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Has there been a better performance than that in a while? Pls tag me if there has been one ... @beyonce is on some other sh*t #dope #levels


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Happy Birthday @spicytexan10 ... we go back like using the abacus as calculators you underdig! @mr_keiser @jpknowsre @theumeme #teamindmix #indmix #whereisfred #whereisjamaal


@steveaoki its a litty situation!!!!


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