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'Now thanks be to God for His indescribable gift [which is precious beyond words]!'


Hello brethren! 🙋 | Ow you du'in?

In the spirit of #fbf, I don't know about you but, this year started out with harmattan everyday for me. I mean, dryness EVERY WHERE! Sometimes ehn, to see #100 to take keke to ajah dey shy me. I had to go back to the drawing board with God abeg. Had to ask Him that, 'Sir, I know You have plans but, just gimme sneak peek'. He gave me these verses. I remember posting this early on this year. I followed God. And I can't begin to list all my blessings here but, God Is AMAZING!

I've tasted Him. Extremely better than a bowl of vanilla cream and warm chocolate brownies with whipped cream.
Mind blowing. Far above all I could ever think or imagine. And there's more! Smh!

One time for God! 👏


2017 | I see You God. I see You. 👏


@Regranned from @femileye1 - We kick off today @showgearonline
Little Road,Yaba
Bring a friend
Dont miss it!!!
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We've come a long way. | Thank you P3 💛

@Regranned from @pottersplacep3 - Good evening family
Watch to the live ministrations and the live painting of Ini Itama on our YouTube channel @RCCG P3.
Please Subscribe to our Youtube channel and turn on post notification so that you won't miss a thing, stay tuned for more.
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@Regranned from @pottersplacep3 - Dear God, we realise that for some of us the past hurts and there is no better way to move on with life except by a total submission to Your perfect plan. We commit our lives to You because in you lies peace, love and perfect comfort. In Jesus name Amen.

#P3 #P3family #YouAreOfWorth #IniItama #UnshakableTrust

Thank you @iniitama - #regrann


What I realised on my jouney to healing, is that the devil wants you to believe that because your life has taken a detour (either because life happened, is happening, or because you used your own hands to make life happen), God will want nothing to do with you.
On the contrary! God has never wanted to love you more. The moment I realised this truth, I think that's when this whole peace perfume thingy started. 😊

@Regranned from @pottersplacep3 - God has never left you. He is closer than you think. He is closer than the air you breath. HE IS THE AIR YOU BREATHE -Ini Itama

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I'm so terrible at posting pictures about places I've been. But I realise this work that God has sent us to do...we have to keep up.

My God parents asked me to come share my story at the church that gave me one of the strongest spiritual foundations ever. It was such an honour! And such a humbling experience! God is amazing!
Shout out to @jemimahugen & @femileye1 for being my sidekicks. 😙

@Regranned from @pottersplacep3 - About last sunday:
God's hands are big and always there to hold you no matter what you're going through. -Ini Itama (@iniitama)

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I was looking for something, and I thought maybe, just maybe, someone needs to read this again. 💛🎨 @Regranned from @iniitama - EVERY STREAM | 45" x 60"
Bloody Silver Series

Tell your stream... of steady thoughts of self doubt, of belittling memories, of spilled sour words, of tears and salty... Tell your stream... that somewhere on the hill, a stream flowing crimson will meet with it.

And there is a second chance.

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We Move | @femileye1 🎸🎶


SMH! | If the enemy knew better.

Who would have thought? That a girl like me would one day stand in front of people and testify.

My mom just caught me walking through the house, entering room after room, sitting here, touching there. She asked me what I was doing. I told her I was remembering every room I had cried in. I was touching every thing my tears had stained. And I was thinking in disbelief how that isn't my life anymore.


Look at me now! Look at me laughing! Look at me smiling till my face hurts!!! Look at me IN LOVE! Look at me wearing peace as perfume! Look at me!

SMH! | Unbelievable! 📷 @obiioutloud



There's something about falling into the dark, laying with the dead, and coming out on the other side of life. It changes you. It changes every part of you. You can not be the same. But the choice will always be yours; if you'd want to be better than the dead you saw...or you'd want to be like them. No one can make that choice for you. Not even God.

But God will help you once you make your choice. And if you are one of the partially loved ones, God won't stop pulling, and pushing, and saving, and loving, until you make the choice of life.

To say I am privileged to be one of the partially loved ones is AN UNDERSTATEMENT. But, I will say this:

GOD IS AMAZING! 📷 @obiioutloud


Oluwa, e yin le tobi ju. E yin le to lati gba ogo, e yin le to o, Baba.
Like a key lost at sea, that's how lost my burdens, my pain, my doubt, my fear, and my past is lost in You. You are A BIG God. And You are the one that is my Father.

Oluwa, e yin le tobi ju. E yin le to lati gba ogo, e yin le to o, Baba.


@Regranned from @sohmmie - I wrote an open letter to my sisters via Instagram on the International Day of The Girl Child, 2016. I got feedbacks (comments, dms, calls of how inspiring and relative that letter was, some people on here told me to send it to some blogs.
I thought to do more, and I'm doing more not for the sake of feminism but for the sake of knowing my purpose, I live for my sisters.
Hence, I won't only be writing an open letter this year but I will be hosting a live #DearTeenageGirls sessions amongst other things with some of the most amazing women that has yielded a fruitful path of purpose in their lives.
I have very limited spots for my social media people because I plan to reach more teenage girls who do not have access to social media.
If you want to be a part of this session or know someone who would appreciate being a part of this session in Lagos, Nigeria, kindly go to my bio and register or send an mail to
It's strictly for girls aged (13-21 years) - #regrann


I have no idea where I'm going to find you, but I figured that in this age of social media, I may find you sooner than I think.

I want you to know that from the depth of my heart, I have prayed for you since I met you briefly here. I can not forget you. I never will. You and your little girl are engraved in my heart, but not more than the palm of God's hand.
I have so much more to say, but when we see (soon), we will talk.

#ah300 | @nosaalways


@folabi_nuel was singing.. 'Jesus. Jesus, Jesus...You make the darkness tremble. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...You silence fear..' And at that moment, God asked me to drop my palette knife and listen. The heat that filled me from the intense presence of God was remarkable. My wig almost came off (sometimes I'm convinced God likes to disgrace me 😢). But it was right then I knew that God wanted to distribute Himself UNUSUALLY. The word 'Freedom' was prominent since the moment I walked in the hall. And I believe He set some of His children free. Then. On Saturday. And now. From now on.

God bless You @nosaalways | #ah300 was Amazing!!! Just #LikeRain


'If they're looking for You, Jesus... Let them find You in me.' I am learning. My gift is not mine. I am a middle man. God gave me to give. So. It's about to Rain. | Cc @nosaalways 📷 @lumimorg


🎨 @Regranned from @sheifunmi - We are excited to have @Iniitama as a volunteer participant of #SAVE category ~ VISUAL ARTS for MENTAL HEALTH ----------------------------- VISUAL ARTS for MENTAL HEALTH is brought to you by @ProjectGetNaked in partnership with @KumaNation .... as part of #SAVE - Creatives for Mental Health Awareness

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3 years ago when I took this picture, I was looking for a type of peace that was different. Not like what I had had before my life got disrupted. But a type of peace that would be silently stubborn, and would last regardless of whatever else life had in store for me. This year, God gave it to me as a birthday present. In large dosages.

I spent the better part of yesterday and today asleep. And I was happy. It's all I wanted to do (God bless you @femileye1). But I did get ALL your messages everywhere and your calls. Thank you so much! You made this young lady smile something hard!
May you always be surrounded by love you do not deserve. May you always be filled with peace that can't be explained. And may you be found too irrisistable not to be favoured. God bless you for me.

You have all my love. 💛


The #dyeing process requires your nakedness and complete vulnerability. God will need to strip you entirely of what you think you know, of what you are used to. Cutting away the negative excesses, opening you up to a new level where you can finally breathe through the clogs in your chest. And finally, He'll give you a garment #dyed in the blood of Jesus, producing patterns that catch light at every turn. Isn't God amazing?

My sister said when I pulled out the ankara cloth she thought, 'Haaay God. What's this one doing again? Is paint these people came to see o'. 😂 Gotta love the fam!

📷 @obiioutloud

Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Lagos, V.I.

I love you Wilson. I do. Your unbelievably huge heart. Your beautiful soul. Your hearty and genuine laughter. Your soft and tough spirit. Your hard-working and amazingly creative mind. I love it all.

May God bless you and keep you.
Happy Birthday! 💛


5.59am | September 15th
God said to me, 'I don't need you to be comfortable. I need you to have faith. Unashamed. Unrestrained faith'. I remember, 2 weeks before Saturday. I had anxiety attacks and I just about cancelled this whole #livepainting. God was telling me to uncover a whole lot and you know, I wanted none of it. Truth is, I was scared.

Scared of what people might say? Yes. Scared of how my family might feel, as I took them through this journey again? Yes. Scared of finding out that I wasn't as over it as I thought I was, and discovering that I was still hurting? Yes. Yes. And yes.

But God. He came to me in forms of different people, giving me different messages of assurance, and sometimes telling me to stop feeling sorry for myself. Because people's ears needed to hear.

From my heart to yours, thank you for coming to #DYE. God bless each and everyone of you for listening to me ramble and paint. Thank you for starting this journey with me. And thank you for understanding that the most beautiful person you can be, is one whom God will #DYE you to be through the blood of Jesus.
Thank you.

📷 @obiioutloud



Making God proud. It has become my ultimate goal. And rock bottom was a place... #DYE
🎬 @obiioutloud


There is nothing like the presence of The Lord.

So much freedom and abandon. So much beauty and light. So MUCH LOVE!

Nothing compares.


K U F R E A B A S I | Don't forget God

100cm x 135cm
I remember when I created this. My friend's brother said he wanted something that would stand out in his house. Something that would speak to people as soon as they walked in. All I could think about while painting was...I need to make it happen. I wondered how many times people interact with people, and don't get the messages hidden in their eyes. And so I told God, if this painting can speak to as many people as possible, then I would've started my journey of fulfilling purpose.


D. Y. E. | September 16th

I became many persons. But the most beautiful, is the one who God #dyed me to be.

Sharing this bitter-sweet story with you brings joy to the One who waited for me to come back to a love that never left. And it is my greatest honour. I hope you'll be there. He's about to Move!


Radisson Blu
6-8pm 🎥 @sahansek
🎵 I Told You (@bemyoda)


This Birthday, and the next | We're counting blessings.

It's your birthday but, I'm the lucky one. Thank you Femi, for the gift of you. Not just to me, but to everyone who has been lucky enough to know your GOOD soul. Thank you for sharing your love with me...and for being a sincere reflection of God's love for me.



Burst Forth September!
We've never been ready for such a time as now.

My work table always makes me so happy with the unconscious rainbow it forms while messy work goes on. (There's a message in there somewhere).