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RESTOCK IS LIVE! 😄 head to the online store to check out what's new and restocked!! ❤️ quick like a bunny if you want one of the two Light & Dark Crates or any of the available items from it, cuz they won't last long!! 💌 thanks to @booksabove for this beautiful photo 😍😍😍


ONE HOUR TIL THE RESTOCK!! 💥❤️⏰ this is a pic of the new Fire Breathing Bitch Queen Patch that will be listed the same time as the restock! 💥 I love the way this one came out and I can't wait to sew it onto my sleeping bag I inherited from my dad where all my patches (and his) go 😄 I just have to find the box I packed my sewing kit in 😂 link In bio 👆 if you wanna get the website open and Ready!


Just under three hours til restock! ⏰ be ready if you wanna get your hands on some of the items from the Light & Dark Crate 🌞🌛 there are also two complete Light & Dark Crates, but I don't expect they'll last long!! Thanks to @readtoujours for this beautiful photo of the She Was Darkness sticker 😍😍😍


FRIENDLY RESTOCK REMINDER 😄 If you're subscribed to the mailing list, you would have got an email this morning listing everything that will be available tonight at 9pm AEST ⏰ the Light & Dark Wonder Crate leftover items are gonna go quick!!! 🌸 thanks to my personal rainforest photo scout @enchanted_phoenix for this delightfully mossy pic 😍😍😍


Just over 24 HOURS until the "Things I Found When I Unpacked" restock!! ❤️ Check the Previous posts for a list of what will be included 😄 restock goes live at 9pm AEST on Wednesday 13 June ⏰ thanks to @femenist_reader for this beautiful pic of the Alohomora Key Chain 😍😍😍


WONDER CRATE SHIPMENTS ARE ON THEIR WAY! 🦄💌 today Australia Post and DHL both collected all of the Wonder Crates (apart from the few that merged their Crate order with other items, they will ship this week) and they are headed off to their homes! ❤️ everyone should have their shipping emails and if you chose tracking, you'll get an extra email from the carrier with tracking link 😄 thanks to @picture_dany for this lovely pic of the Hope is Like the Sun Magnet that was in the first Crate 🌞- a few of these are one of the "Things I Found When I Unpacked" that will be released 9pm AEST Wednesday 13 June ⏰


COMING IN THE "Things I Found When I Unpacked" RESTOCK: Hard Days A4 print!! 🌸 the restock also includes TWO COMPLETE LIGHT & DARK WONDER CRATES plus excess individual items from that Crate, a woodmark restock, Wooden Prythian Maps in A4 size and A5, and the Bitch Queen pin and patch!! ⏰ it goes live at 9pm AEST Wednesday 13 June!!


The "Things I Found When I Unpacked" restock will be live at 9pm AEST Wednesday 13 June! ⏰ It Will include: ❤️ TWO COMPLETE LIGHT & DARK WONDER CRATES (that I thought were just empty boxes 😂)
❤️ some individual items from Light & Dark Crate
❤️ a woodmark restock
❤️ the Bitch Queen pin 💥
❤️ a Bitch Queen sew-on patch (pic coming soon) ❤️ the A4 Wooden Prythian Map
❤️ A5 Prythian Map
❤️ a Hard Days A4 print (pic coming soon)
Be ready!!! There's a limited amount of the Light & Dark items that were extras I must have stashed away somewhere in my tiny unit 😂 so they won't last long!! Thanks to @bookbookowl for this amazingly beautiful, colourful photo 😍😍😍 I love it so much!


COMING SOON! 💥💣(swipe for GLOW 👾) after the Wonder Crates ship on June 9, I will be listing a restock that will include the release of the Fire Breathing Bitch Queen pin that was previously featured in the @thebookishbox 😄😄😄 there are a few other new things I will be listing plus stuff that I am calling the "Things I Found When I Unpacked" restock!!!


COMING SOON! Wooden Prythian Maps in A4 size 😄 I will be listing these in about a week or so, along with what I am deciding to call the "Things I Found When I Unpacked" restock 😂 I have a few things to list that I didn't know I still had ❤️ I'll announce the restock time as soon as I get the Wonder Crate Shipments sorted 💌🦄


RESTOCK IS LIVE!!! 💌 head to the link in bio ☝️☝️ to grab your haul 😄 the Galaxy Dies woodmark in this beautiful photo by @readandriot is one of the many items available again ❤️ don't stress if something you were waiting for isn't restocked, I'll be doing another one soon 😊


RESTOCK IN 1 HOUR!! 🌻 who is waiting for the restock? The woodmarks in this beautiful photo by @pagesandbeyond that are currently sold out will all be back in stock plus more 😄 I'll also add stock of some pins, keychains and the A4 Prythian Map! Don't stress if you what you want isn't in this round, I will do a different round of restocks soon ❤️❤️


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