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A look at the innovative people and bold ideas behind @natgeo’s yellow border. #insidenatgeo

“Our country is the treasure-house of nature’s scenic jewels," wrote National Geographic editor Gilbert Grosvenor, who leveraged the magazine's influence to help establish and support the National Park Service in the early 20th century. In case you need an excuse to explore them: @nationalparkservice is waiving all entrance fees tomorrow to kick off #NationalParkWeek. Photo: @jimmy_chin #insidenatgeo


Wildlife photographer @joelsartore founded the Photo Ark with a mission to elevate each animal and exemplify why the species is worth saving. He's spent over a decade archiving biodiversity with his intimate portraits. Link in bio to see more. #insidenatgeo


Consider celebrating #BatAppreciationDay with a little tequila: The lesser long-nosed bats pollinate blue agave, the spirit's primary ingredient. Explorer Rodrigo Medellín's work informs smarter agave farming practices, which helps sustain bat populations (the lesser long-nosed bat is a near threatened species). Photo: @anandavarma #insidenatgeo


Human-wildlife conflict remains one of the most significant threats to big cats. Explorer Shivani Bhalla's organization, Ewaso Lions, offers a solution.


On this day in 1912, the Titanic sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic. #insidenatgeo


Celebrating #NationalDolphinDay with this footage of dolphins, recorded by dolphins (thanks to camera technology Explorer Heidi Pearson used in the field). #insidenatgeo


"Our job as Explorers is to be the eyes for the rest of the world and connect future generations and adults with our work," says Explorer and marine biologist Gustavo Hinojosa-Arango, whose work with sea turtles has allowed him to see firsthand the threat that garbage (particularly plastics) poses to the environment. "We need to find ways to help people understand that throwing trash in cities can have repercussions in far away places." #earthmonth #insidenatgeo


National Geographic’s Map Historian, Michael Fry, walked us through how maps are made. Check out our Stories to see how it’s done. #nationallibraryweek #insidenatgeo


"I didn't think it was fair to film them when they were hauled out on the rocky shore," said Explorer @bertiegregory, who opted to film the Steller sea lions underwater instead. #insidenatgeo


Acclaimed botanist and outspoken sustainability advocate Peter Raven has devoted his life to educating others about the threats to earth’s biodiversity. We're thrilled to honor his work at this June's #NatGeoFest, a weeklong celebration of exploration. Link in bio to learn more. #insidenatgeo


Celebrating #NationalLibraryWeek with a behind-the-scenes tour of our Rare Book Room, home to the collections of our founders, original copies of Richard Byrd's travel books, and so much more. Head to our Stories to take a look. #insidenatgeo


“Zoos are the true arks today," says Photo Ark photographer @joelsartore. "Many of the species I photograph would be extinct by now if not for zoos breeding them." With the intention to inspire conservation efforts, Joel Sartore works directly with zoos, aquariums, and wildlife sanctuaries to photograph animals in captivity, often using white and black backgrounds to echo studio portraits. In honor of #ZooLoversDay, here's a behind the scenes look at how Joel photographed reticulate Gila monster at the @lincolnchildrenszoo. Link in our bio to see more.


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