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I truly believe in evolution and power of music! The greatest teacher is Inside you. Onlineclasses ⏬⏬⏬

한국 선생님들 준비 되셨나요?? 오늘 출발합니다. 이번 주말은 @taoyogakorea 에서 테라피 요가 , 그리고 다음 주말은 부산에서 처음으로 #인사이드플로우 교육이 있어요!! 정말 기대됩니다. 전 달릴 준비 되었습니다. ㅎㅎ. Are you?? #yoga365thebook #insideflow #insideyoga #allyouneedisinside


Reminiscing the last 4 weeks. Traveling through Europe, making epic pictures with @yongsubi . Preparing our big project #yoga365thebook . Meeting bunch of remarkable people, having a BLAST!
Thank you life. #ilovemyjob #ilovemylife
Thank y’all for being you.
And much gratitude to my family and my friends back in home in frankfurt for being my root #muladharachakra !
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Repost @wanderlustdach Just get back home and saw this video from last weekend!!! What an epic event it was!! Thank you @wanderlustdach to rock with me. Munich yogis you were just awesome!!! #insideflow #yogaparty #wanderlust108 #wanderlust108munich


After festival is before workshop:-). Munich yogis, @barbra_noh_yoga and me are doing it again !! August 5th, we will sweat, laugh, move, heal and love!!

Join us and let’s grow & flow together!
#munichyoga #insideyoga #allyouneedisinside #insideflow #yogaday
Photography by @christian_k_photography


Cheers to all! Leaving #namasteamsee festival with a big smile. What a great festival! Epic location, great people, perfect weather!! You can’t ask for more.
It’s time to go home with lovely memories in my heart. #lakewoerthersee you won my heart again.
Cheers! Wishing y’all a great week!!


As I told you guys already, it is worthy to wake up early in the morning, when you are together with the right people!! #handstandbrothers @hiekimyoga @mikebrawanski
Photography as always @yongsubi
@tint_yoga #tintyoga #yoga365thebook #insideyoga


Just got the new videos from the master of sound @djtazrashid from his perspective!! Getting still #goosebumps from watching it! Thank you @wanderlustdach for trusting me.
Love to create magic moments like this with @patrickyogi @rogerrekless @yk_lucia #insideflow
Now I am @woerthersee_yoga looking forward to create another magic moments!!


Ahh Roma mi Roma!! You stunn me everytime. #timelessbeauty . I am leaving you today but you‘ll always be in my heart.
It was a pretty tough schedule this time but @yongsubi @yk_lucia @chohyo0414 you guys just rocked it with me! Thank you 🙏. #iwillbeback #yoga365thebook
#namasteamsee are you ready for an epic weekend?


벌써 다음주네요!!!! 한국에서 봐요!! 인사이드 테라피 최신 버전 공개합니다.
#테라피요가 #인사이드 #타우요가 @taoyogakorea


Woke up at 4 am again. Slowly it becomes my new habit :-). NOT! But U have to admit that with the right people, it’s worthy! First snippet of our shooting today. #romeisamazing #handstandeverywhere #colosseum @yongsubi @yk_lucia @chohyo0414


Still speechless about yesterday’s #wanderlust108munich @wanderlustdach
Thank you all for creating this magical moment with me.
@yogaistheteacher @cursezeit @patrickyogi @rogerrekless @djtazrashid @yk_lucia
Thank you for capturing this magical moments @yongsubi


OMG!! #wanderlust108munich @wanderlustdach we had so much fun!!!! You guys rocked! Perfect weather #awesomedj @djtazrashid rockin the stage with me . @yk_lucia and assisting and partying :-) @patrickyogi @rogerrekless
Thank y’all for this great time. #thesedays #insideflow #insideyoga


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