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I truly believe in evolution and power of music! The greatest teacher is Inside you. Onlineclasses ⏬⏬⏬

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YAY!! Just got the latest issue of the major magazine @bunte_magazin
Ab heute Mittag sind wir online mit der Eva auf der Seite
@tint_yoga #tintyoga
@thepberg @inoroll.vibration
Photography by @yongsubi


YAY!!! It’s going to be awesome!!! The first #insideflowconcert in Jakarta!! @martin_elianto @tasyante @hiekimyoga
More information


Making shapes in paradise. Last year @balispiritfest with @lulu_soul and @ym_monika . Looking forward to make shapes in paradise very soon with my friends all over the world! Hope to see you there!! #balispiritfestival2018 @radiantlyaliveyoga #insideflow #insideyoga #tintyoga


Ahhh I am so looking forward to be in Bali with these beautiful souls! May I introduce you to our official teachers in Indonesia? @tasyante @martin_elianto those beautiful couple are spreading the love with #insideflow in Asia and at April first we are going to do our first #insideflowconcert in #Jakarta!!! Further information please visit
#insideflow #allyouneedisinside #gowiththeflow
And of course I will be at the one and only @balispiritfest this year!
This pic was taken by @yongsubi at last year’s BSF.


Awesome location
Best host @glow_yoga_cgn
Excellent assistant
And last but not least loving & open hearted yogis to flow with.
What can you expect more for a perfect Sunday?
Thank you all for this beautiful workshop and wish you a great start in a week. #gowiththeflow #insideflow #allyouneedisinside #thereisnotry #tintyoga


Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday!! Had a great workshop in Aachen and Cologne. Heading home now. This pic was taken last year in Bali and I am so looking forward to be there next month again!!! Join me @radiantlyaliveyoga for the 5day intensive global summit and @balispiritfest !! It is going to be awesome, that’s for sure!!! #insideflow #allyouneedisinside #powerofmusic #vinyasa2.0

Photography by the one and only @yongsubi
He will be with me again and yes you can do a photoshoot with him!!! When you are interested, DM me for the details!!


Learning from a pillar how to stand tall with dignity ! #handstandeverywhere #insideflow #insideyoga #allyouneedisinside


On the road again! Aachen & cologne this weekend and this is going to be awesome!! Few spots are free so hurry up and see you there!
This pic was taken at Rosenheim @yogaart_studio
#gowiththeflow #insideflow#insideyoga #allyouneedisinside @glow_yoga_cgn


Happy new year!!!! It is a Chinese New Year today and this year is the year of the dog!! Let’s do a lot of downdog & updog this year 😂😂😂😂 #happynewyear #yearofthedog #allyouneedisinside


안녕하세요, 정말 오랜만에 한국에서 빈야사 얼라인먼트 수업을 하게 되었습니다. 3월 1-4일에 @taoyogakorea 청담에서 고급과정을 진행합니다.
교육 내용: - 척추의 6개 에너지 서클
- 웨이브 동작의 핵심
- 전굴과 후굴의 비밀
- 인체과학적 최신 업데이트
- 암밸런스의 비밀
- 빈야사 크라마 2018 - 음악의 중요성
- 티칭의 프로가 되는 방법
이번 4일 교육은 이미 기본 교육을 받으신 분들을 위한 교육입니다. 자신의 수련과 티칭 스킬을 업그레이드 할 수 있는 절호의 찬스.
새로운 아이디어들을 몸과 마음으로 받아들일 준비가 되셨나요?
#프로가되는길 #인사이드플로우요가 #인사이드요가 #타우요가청담 #빈야사얼라인먼트 #빈야사
사진은 당연히 @yongsubi


What a weekend! Time flies. We had 10 year anniversary for our #austriayogaconference. Many things happened in last 10 years. What a wild ride it was!! But I guess it was only preparation for the real ride in next 10 years 😂😂😂😂 #insideflow #insideyoga #tintyoga


This is happening.. our little tradition in August has a little twist and it is going to be awesome. @barbra_noh_yoga and myself teaching one day workshop and live music with Miriam Green and Simon the date 5th of August in Munich.
#insideflow #allyouneedisinside