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I create edible art
★ Clients: Sephora | Urban Decay | SugarBearHair | Tori Spelling |
⚑ Southern California

There’s nothing much sweeter than @milliebobbybrown in pink sparkly @calvinklein, but I gave it my best with this cookie. Millie’s edible portrait was part of a set I had the pleasure of creating for @sugarbearhair’s @coachella VIPs. I like to think this one’s a ten (if not an eleven... 😁)
This hand-cut sugar cookie is topped in fondant and @bakerybling, and painted with @sweetsticksau edible art paint and petal dust.


**NOT MY COOKIES** These tasty beauties are by @sweetjunipercookies, and were part of the treat collection we created for @sugarbearhair’s @Coachella event.
One big cup of coffee + two little @sugarbearhair vitamins + three pretty pony cookies = the perf festival snack. 👌🏼
This design was inspired by @deviantart artist wandrerevieira1994 (thanks so much for helping me track down the original artist, @nemjames!!)


I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe... this is a cookie! I had the honor of making this edible @iamhalsey portrait cookie (wearing @galialahav) for @sugarbearhair’s @coachella party.
This hand-cut sugar cookie is topped in fondant and @bakerybling, and painted with @sweetsticksau #edibleartpaint and petal dust.


At first I was really reluctant to get into baking because I thought it meant I wouldn’t have time to pursue my first passion: drawing and painting. It’s been so cool to realize I can mesh ALL my interests into baked goodies. I can’t wait to share some of the edible portraits I made for Coachella, but until then here’s a throwback to one of my old painting/food art mixes (created for super delish @cooperstreetcookies).


Flowery strawberries ‘n’ cream macs. They’re bloomin’ fantastic 👌🏼🌸


Every one of my Silpats is currently covered in marshmallows. The sink is filled with dirty dishes. I accidentally turned on the mixer with only powdered sugar in the bowl. And I smashed a bottle of vinegar in the pantry 😩😱. _______________________________________________________
So I’m sitting here reminding myself that places like Fiji exist. And sunsets and hammocks are real. And there’s leftover piña colada buttercream in the fridge....


I’ve been working on a new treat collection for my faves over at @sugarbearhair (alongside my AHmazing friend, @sweetjunipercookies), and these iridescent rainbow macs are part of the new crew 🦄✨. They’re piña colada flavored with unicorn bark and mini rum shots, and taste pretty damn magical if I do say so myself 👌🏼.


@Moschino cake! I basically live in hope that one day I’ll wake up to discover my baked goods have magically metamorphosed into the real deal. But so far it appears that my fairy godmother is either lazy or on an extended vacation 🤷🏻‍♀️.


A little behind-the-scenes cookie-ing action and one disembodied head. Anyone know who any of these ladies might be? I’m hoping some 3D hair will pull it all together 🤞🏼.




Tasty texture 🌼🦋💛


Will you just look at this delicious derrière 😁🙌🏼. These cookies are part of a set I got to create for an aesthetic doctor with a sweet tooth.
These custom-cut sugar cookies are topped in fondant, with royal icing and hand-painted details (using @sweetsticksau’s edible art paint). Dat ass was made by covering chocolate half-spheres with fondant, and was very much inspired by a bootyful cake design from @omavbovbo.


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