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Praha / Prague / Прага 🇨🇿

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Praha / Prague / Прага 🇨🇿

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Žižkov Television Tower (Žižkovská televizní věž)

Unquestionably the main landmark of the Žižkov district, at 216 m in height, it's also the tallest building in the city. With a 360° view, Prague is laid out before your eyes from the viewing platform at 93 m.
Ten giant sculptures of babies by leading Czech artist David Černý crawl all over the outside of the tower.

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Praha / Prague / Прага 🇨🇿

Top 10 interesting Charles Bridge:

For your enjoyment, the top 10 interesting Charles Bridge Prague facts are listed directly below:

1. Of the numerous Prague tourist attractions, this bridge holds an important piece of history. During 1648, this bridge halted the Swedes who attempted to invade this part of Prague. A few years later, in 1744, another force, the Prussians faced defeat here as well.

2. Charles Bridge Prague was originally built with only one ornament, a large, cross made of wood. However, during the 1700s, it was removed and a large, bronze cross was placed there instead. To date, there are 30 sculptures that adorn this beauty of a bridge.

3. You will not find any Prague tours that do not include a trip to Charles Bridge. This is why the crowds can sometimes swell to thousands at one time. The largest number of recorded tourists occurred in 1989, when the number was 1562. Considering the bridge is 1600 feet in length, with four lanes of riding traffic, that number represented almost one person per foot.

4. There are two towers that protect access to the bridge, one is Prague Old Town Bridge Tower and the other is Judith Tower. It is located in what is called Lesser Town and also serves as the entrance to the bridge of the same name, Judith Bridge.

5. Charles Bridge Prague also has religious significance as one of the sculptures features a nun, rumored to have seen Jesus Christ, crucified in a vision. Others depict saints including John the Baptist.

6. Charles Bridge Prague is so filled with artists like musicians, dancers, painters and mime artists that they created the Association of Charges Bridge Artists in 1990. This was done as a way to allow and preserve the open-air gallery for artists.

7. Prague Castle is the final burial place of Charles IV and the bridge was used back in 1378 to carry his body across, where it was laid to rest inside of St. Vitus’ Cathedral.


Praha / Prague / Прага 🇨🇿

Prague Astronomical Clock .
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Praha / Prague / Прага 🇨🇿

What is the last city you visited?

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Praha / Prague / Прага 🇨🇿

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Praha / Prague / Прага 🇨🇿

Prague. Czech Republic.
House of the Black Madonna, interior spiral staircase, designed by Josef Gočár 1911–1912. Museum of Cubism & Grand Café Orient .
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Praha / Prague / Прага 🇨🇿

Who is ready for the weekend?

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Praha / Prague / Прага 🇨🇿

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