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Something is coming… @inthe_kin have teamed up with @ministrydoesfitness to work on an exciting new project. Together we will be taking WORK HARD PLAY HARD to new levels! Stay tuned, details will be revealed in the next few days. If you just can’t wait then make sure you are signed up to our pre launch mailing list by clicking link our bio ☝🏼


Today is #bluemonday claimed to be the most depressing day of the year - but it doesnt have to be! πŸ’™ If you want some top tips for beating the blues, head to the KIN blog. [πŸ“·: pinterest]


Want to know where the trainers train? Kyle's top studios are now on the @sportseditman Blog "Ministry Does Fitness is one my absolute favourite clubs to train at because music is everything! When you combine good music and good training you can push yourself to the next level. You can eliminate the thought of training being a chore and being something you look forward to, fitness then becomes a way of life and not just something you do because were told we have to or to fit in with trends." [πŸ“·: @kylemaslenpt ]

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#repost @thirdspacelondon What tricks do you have up your sleeve?
Stop by @naturalfitnessfood Soho and watch Richelle pour you a post workout shake with some flair.

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So tell us, what are your goals for 2018? ✨


New Year New Goals! πŸ’™ Remember that with a new year, comes 365 new chances to make a difference. ✨


Are you taking part in #Veganuary? πŸ’š We love a good excuse to encourage a healthier lifestyle but we this its important to educate yourself when cutting certain foods out of your diet. Check out the KIN blog for our top tips on trying a #vegan diet and some advice on getting your nutrition right to keep your body happy and healthy.


It has blown us away that our KIN Signature Retreat for 2018 SOLD OUT in just 24 hours! 6-13 October 2018 πŸ’™ Those who didn't make it in time to book on the signature retreat please don't fret, there are some other exciting opportunities to hit Ibiza in 2018 with KIN, details will be announced soon! If you want to be first to know then drop us a private message with your email address and we will add you to the pre-launch list.

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πŸ’₯ NEW STOCKIST ALERT!πŸ’₯ You can now pick up your KIN Protein at the brand new @outrivals_oldst πŸ’™ This awesome studio is focused on knowing your story and personalising your training with small groups and versatile classes. They know that sometimes the biggest thing holding you back is you! Outrivals will help you take on your biggest rival, by giving you targets to overcome that are individual and tailored to you. Its time to outrival yourself!

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BOWL GOALS! from @healthyduchess85 #repost It's another rainy start to the day so I'm cheering myself up and filling my belly with a bowl of overnight oats, lots of fresh fruit & nut butter πŸ˜‹ // πŸ’›Scottish Oats πŸ’›1 banana πŸ’› @rudehealth coconut milk πŸ’› @meridianfoods peanut butter
πŸ’› @kin_nutrition Vanilla Whey Less Protein //
Pop the oats in an airtight container, blend the rest of the ingredients together. Mix in with the oats and pop in the fridge overnight. Take out in the morning and help yourself to a nice hearty portion, top with yummy fresh fruit, desiccated coconut, chia seeds, flaked almonds and an extra drizzle of your nut butter of choice. Enjoy ☺️


What's your NEW YEAR's resolution? If you're one of the many people kicking off the new year with a resolution to become healthier and a great way to do this is by eating better. KIN are here to help you on this healthy eating journey. Start by adding OMEGA3 Krill Oil to your diet. 🐟 Research has shown that this fishy little oil does wonders for our body, from prevention of heart disease, to increased memory and mental concentration, to anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
The human body can't produce omega3 on its own so it is important to ensure you get these essential oils through your diet. 🌟 Get 10% off this month, with code IMDRINKIN 🌟


#Repost @notjustanotherstore_ldn BREAK TIME? We are open! Coffee, vegan salad & bites over here. πŸƒπŸ½πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ₯—β˜•οΈ #notjustanotherstore #shoreditch