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August 19th is International Orangutan Day | Photograph by Mark Edward Harris (@markedwardharrisphoto)
A staff member at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation wheels orphaned orangutans in a wheelbarrow. "The orphans spend several hours every day attending forest school where they learn the skills necessary to be either returned or introduced into the Bornean forest," explains #YourShotPhotographer Mark Edward Harris. This photo was selected for the August 16, 2019 edition of our Photos of the Week series.

“My heart breaks for these lovely creatures but I'm happy there are institutions that exist trying to save them. Your focus is sharp here but center weighted compositionally. Keep up the good work!” — @natgeoyourshot Associate Photo Editor Kristen McNicholas (@kemcnicholas)


Photo by Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen // Sponsored by @ikeausa // I never tire of watching polar bears. Here, a young subadult polar bear rests on land while waiting for the sea ice to freeze along the coast of Hudson Bay, Canada. Arctic sea ice has been freezing later each fall and melting earlier each spring, confining bears to land for longer periods of time. Polar bears need sea ice as a platform in order to hunt seals. Our only chance of reversing the loss of sea ice is to reduce our carbon footprint. // A good night's sleep is going extinct. Build your sanctuary today. #SaveOurSleep


Photo by @max.lowe I Silent and with barely but a ripple the white scape of the bay on the Antarctic peninsula was broken by a tiny black dorsal fin of a Minke Whale, reminding me once again what might lay below the empty surface. Follow @max.lowe to see more from my time in Antarctica.


“I’d much rather be smelling the flowers than posing for a photo, but a nice photo makes my hooman happy so 🤷‍♂️” writes @kota.aussie


Timisoara - Romania ✨❤️💚💖💜💛✨
Picture by ✨✨@bogdan.buzuleac✨✨
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Life’s a beach and then you...(fill in the blank) 🏖


#HelloFrom Merewether Baths, the largest ocean bath complex in the Southern Hemisphere. 🌊“I find myself there for a quick dip most warmer days for some saltwater therapy,” says Chris Beetham (@chrisbeetham).⁣

Photo by @chrisbeetham


“I couldn’t do that!” — a common response to images of imposing mountain ranges from the treks we’ve done (like the Huayhuash trek pictured here). The implication is that serious mountaineering chops, youth — or both — are somehow the secret.⁠.⁠

Not so. Outside of some preparation, the real secret in most cases is perseverance. One foot in front of the other, slow and steady up and over each mountain pass day after day. In fact, one guy in our group was 74-years-old and had both knees replaced just a couple years prior to the walk. He inspired us as he ascended each and every pass. Not only was his perseverance notable, his gratitude was also. The childlike wonder he expressed in response to all that he encountered along the trail was infectious. ⁠.⁠

For us, the best antidote or answer to dispel the myths and doubts regarding what we can and cannot carry ourselves to do: the everyday people we encounter on our travels.⁠.⁠

While the 10-day Huayhuash trek is physically challenging and takes you to some high altitudes (5,050 m/16,570 feet at the highest point), there’s nothing technical about it.⁠ Our Huayhuash Trekking Guide (link in bio) explains it all..⁠

Pictured here: Siula Pass (4,800 m/15,750 feet) in the Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru.
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¿Qué estarías dispuesto a hacer por una comida deliciosa? @gordongram viaja a Marruecos para encontrar los #SaboresExtremos de ese país 🇲🇦 #GordonRamsayEnNatGeo 📺⬇️
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