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a Taiwanese bao filled with Canadian bacon, and dipped in Aussie bbq sauce.
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The food of Otaru: seafood is a must. The freshest you could ever taste. There's also an abundance of street food where we loaded up on dairy snacks like hokkaido milk+cheese soft serve (btw Hokkaido milk is the best tasting milk I've had), Letao chocolate and cheese biscuits, milk pudding...etc. the amount of crab we ate I think constitutes as genocide, and I've never had uni that tasted so sweet. I've gained 3kg in the past 9 days.
1.) Isezushi - a michelin star omakase sushi restaurant. I think they've ruined all other sushi restaurants for me. No sushi will ever taste this good.
2.) Shirokuma - a hidden off the track family restaurant run by father and son. Very home-cooked type of feel, and are known for their raw beef on rice. The freshly ground wasabi really packs a punch.
3.) Otaru fish market - needs no explanation except that the seafood is delicious.
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Otaru Canal, Hokkaido, Japan 日本北海道小樽运河

Otaru - a quiet seaside port with a lot of western influence in its architecture. One can see shades of German, Scottish, and American all around. Some streets actually feel very much like Portland. The food was also some of the best I've had. .
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