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Friends who do checkouts together stay together 👯‍♀️ This kid is having the time of his life in New Zealand while I’m stuck here in the icy cold of bleak NYC not that I’m jealous af or anything 😒 but yknow I appreciate you @iogle , please frolic and thrive on the misty mountains for me — and oh by the way this is a cool place in BK where I frequent to rent equipment from for Film and they’re pretty awesome peeps @lightbulbgrip & @newyorkcitycameracompany

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STILLS STILLS STILLS // young girls in pretty dresses with quiet voices and dagger eyes, pinning pearls in their hair and tasting poison in their lies
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Yesterday I found 20 mins during my lunch break on set to answer a couple of questions about Directing and Cinematography for @suhana_jag ’s project “30 days of women” So honored to be considered as someone who would’ve had something interesting to say. Link to the @medium article is in my bio and make sure you follow the rest of her project and read up on the other incredible women she’s interviewed
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Dear Women,
My sisters, my fellow artists — we stand together. You are not the shadow that doesn’t deserve the light. You are not the reflection of those who can’t love you. We celebrate you, the women who we looked up to when we were growing up and the women who have opened doors for the next generation. Today is a celebration to the unyielding bravery of all our fellow women. I wish you all never-ending amount of strength and courage to battle the odds, change the world and to get what you deserve (which is more than the world will ever know) Here’s to you; here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them and may we raise them.
Love, a fellow artist of color
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🎥❤️🙌🏽 “Daughters” is coming up on its third weekend but here are some stills from last weekend shot and colored by me — shot on Super Baltars from @newyorkcitycameracompany
What a team to work with, I am beyond grateful
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🎥❤️ Second weekend done for Daughters “女兒” shooting some princesses with my own princess Amira — also hoping that some women take home a good statue tonight at the #oscars2018
Dir: @goodgirlemmy_ x @delphicnoracle
PD: Sophia Uehara
Gaff: @ben.r.davis
PC: @steadical
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4 Things I learnt whilst turning 24 —
1. the world is not a wish granting factory
2. time moves fast so move faster
3. take nothing for granted, especially people
4. happiness won’t always be so far and few
I am forever grateful for the people who choose to be around me, thank you for your love and your energy
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With my main chick ❤️👯‍♀️ We go from trashy to classy pretty quick
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That’s a wrap on Day 2 of Daughters 🎥❤️🙌🏽 I recently purchased 8 crossfade bicolor quasars from @quasarscience and its one of my favorite purchases this year

Dir: @goodgirlemmy_ x @delphicnoracle
Prod: @juliafannie
Gaff: @iogle
AC: Charlie Muentes
Steadi: @steadical
G&E: Yasmeen Zauhar, Annaliese Lee-Reid
PD: Sophia Uehara


I’m stuck on a plane and there’s nothing too interesting to talk about so here’s a #throwback for ya when I tried to fix this old camera with a buddy of mine during my long hair years — it unfortunately didn’t work
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🎥❤️Sometimes the world is just oh so big, so beautiful and I want to immortalize it all
Thanks @nikewomen for keeping my feet stuck firmly and comfortably on the ground and also these #ArriMastergrips from @arri are pretty great for on the go shoots
PC:// @zupanssi ·
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