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Director。Cinematographer。Photographer 🎬📸
📍NYC 🇲🇾🇹🇼
🎞️Exec Creative Director ☆ @rebel_motion
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🍸💃🏽 Work play ratio is like 9:1 but the 10% goes really hard
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☀️👌🏼 Saturdays are for the b̶o̶y̶s̶ babes at the beach

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🎥🙌🏽💁🏻‍♀️I had an incredible interview with owner of @holyrad_studio , fellow #girlboss woman of color @daryloh_ about selective exposure. We delve deep into asian women in media today, representation and steps that can be taken to help reshape the industry
@rebel_motion’s very own @graceefully also had her own interview with Holyrad about what it's like working with other women of color check it out on Holyrad’s new YouTube channel! HAPPY THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY YOU BADASS BABES! Winning edits by @saskiadbn
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As I continue my journey on the terrifying quest to secure my artist visa, I can’t help but to forget to breathe sometimes — to breathe and to keep pushing forward. Sometimes the thing that stops us the hardest is our own selves and our own fear and I often need to remember to release that fear that’s just so prevalent in my life. Everyday I’m working on my fear of failure and not being able to live a full life and accomplish the changes I want for my community— what are some things that you fear?


☀️ I’m trying to start an online zine platform for Asian American women & International Asian women to be able to share their art, music, photography, films etc. and I’d love to hear from people out there what they’d like in a platform like that


Summer magic snaps with my girl @annamikamika 💕☀️✨ This magical place Silver Finger Lakes is only 4 hours away from New York City — what getaways have you been to? Let me know!
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👯‍♀️ celebrating 3 years w/ @annamikamika and rediscovering that summer sunsets really can take your breath away
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🏙️💕 My first weekend off in two months — and I spend it on Brooklyn rooftops riding flamingos and squirting water at friends. Happy July everybody, stay safe from the rays and lather yourself with SPF (unlike me) Whats everyone else’s July 4th plans?


💁🏻‍♀️ I am terrible at witty captions - but whats people’s favorite lens distance? 🎥 I really dig 50mm pretty much for everything, it looks great for wides and mediums and closeups
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BACK IN NYC 🏙️ I’m speaking on a panel this Saturday about how small ideas (like @rebel_motion ) can inspire big change through technology today with some other badass immigrant speakers at the IHM Local Action Panel hosted by @fwdus. It’s part of a 48 hour event of the 3rd Annual Immigrant Heritage Month Hackathon held at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn, NY this weekend @ 2pm. Hope to see some faces there if you can make it and I can’t wait to learn from others ! PC:// @justinjesso #celebrateimmigrants #istandwithimmigrants #womxninfilm #femalefilmmaker #vscocam


👀 A lost jungle asian in the desert — I still don’t understand dry heat, how does one breathe?? But it did feel nice to slowly bake like a muffin though, after you get past the lack of moisture and burning your butt and thighs on the scorching leather car seats
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