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This week, we watched Coco with @realholidaystyles & @realsheeklouch. There’s never been a more dope movie review show. Listen now - search “A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal” on iTunes or SoundCloud or wherever you get your podcasts!


New episode of 2 Jews and 2 Black Dudes Review the Movies!!! We hit Netflix with @realholidaystyles & @realsheeklouch to check out the celebrated Disney/Pixar computer animated film Coco. There's never been a movie review show as fun as this. Listen on iTunes or SoundCloud or wherever you get your podcasts (search “A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal”) and let us know what you think! AND JUST KNOW: SPOILERS ARE UNAVOIDABLE IF YOU PRESS PLAY.


This week on A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal, we welcome the amazingly talented, super-funny, and brilliant rapper/singer/filmmaker/storyteller @TierraWhack to the Upper West Side! Tierra, in her first extended interview, goes into depth on growing up in Philadelphia with her mother and two younger siblings, auditioning to get into an arts high school an hour away, her profecientcy for singing and visual arts, how much her principal hated hip-hop, the genesis of Dizzle Dizz, meeting Meek Mill, and how she ended up on Cosmic Kev's radio show, freestyling for fourteen minutes. We discuss her family's big move to Atlanta in the middle of high school, working at a car wash alongside a team of former convicts, making crazy amounts of cash by cleaning cars for 2 Chainz, Rocko, Future and barely missing Andre 3000, attending a high school that was "ratchet as fuck," slowly finding her real rap persona via ciphers, and honing in on her sound by herself on her laptop. We get into her return to Philly, now using her given name, not caring what any critics had to say, washing dishes at a restaurant to get by, doing intimate shows at tiny venues, scouring Vimeo to find the perfect cinematographer to compliment her music, putting out dynamic music videos, and the reaction to her 15-minute opus, Whack World. Tierra talks surprises, Human Centipede 2, Flying Lotus, Melanie Martinez, not putting stickers on laptops, seeing herself on billboards, when she figured out she was creative, her rules on social media promotion, taking in all the success, going right on to the next project, and so much more! Listen now on iTunes and SoundCloud and everywhere else!


Incredibly happy for these guys, who - beyond being so funny, so smart, so quick - came through to do our podcast at the very beginning, to our first live show in NYC and have really just been good guys. The brand has never been stronger, shouts to @desusnice @thekidmero for everything they’ve done and on everything ahead. SHOWTIME! (c) Swizz Beatz


Happy Father’s Day to the man who made us into who we are. If you like us, you definitely would have loved him.


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Nah Fr Fr


Nah Fr Fr 📸: @chuckmarcus


Price is going up. Congrats to our guy @curatedgent on the move to the West Coast! Nah Fr Fr


This week on A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal, we welcome back to the East Coast, director, creative director and muffin god Justin Fleischer (@jflei) to the Upper West Side! Justin, who over the past few years has worked alongside Logic as a documentary filmmaker and music video director has recently stepped up to oversee the development of Logic's artists under his Elysium imprint. We discuss Justin's upbringing in Keene, New Hampshire, the amazing time he spent living in the Dominican Republic as a high school and the positive effect it had on his development, graduating Georgetown University and going into teaching in New York City. We talk about the ups and downs of the public school system, the night he decided to leave education, and how he hustled and freelanced and took manual labor jobs to make it in the City and ultimately work his way into the music and video business. We get into his work with battle MC Iron Solomon, videoing Statik Selektah and Tony Touch's guests' freestyles, studying filmmaking under the tutelage of Coodie & Chike, what Alex Ciccimarro meant to his career and life, shooting original content for HotNewHipHop, and eventually traveling around the world with Logic. All that, plus pumpkins, the boundaries to documentary filmmaking, New York City stories, Japanese owl cafes, Brooklyn's hate for ISIS, how we feel about Vermont, French Montana's monkey Julius Caesar, and so much more! Listen now on iTunes and SoundCloud and everywhere else!


One of our favorite videos ever, when we went to Met Life Stadium with @missinfo: Summer Jam Parking Lot’s Got Talent. Watch on YouTube!


#FBF Tunnel Vision. 📸: @slingshotmenace @mets @nbbaseball


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