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My alter ego last night was Liz 🌹 Come thru In that @pinkbutterfliboutique2.0 body suit goodie😝😂


Nutn nuh nice like a #JAPARTY 🇯🇲 🇺🇸 Jacksonville you were too good to me❤️ @djdrdoom Big up❤️🔥🔥🔥 #tifa #dancehall #jacksonville #florida #currygoatandchampagne


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When you make a big red splash in the paper 🌹‼️ @jamaicaobserver ❤️ Page 2❤️ #tifa #japarty #redstripe #currygoatandchampagne Rocking that @pinkbutterfliboutique2.0


Video shoot ⏭️ Radio ⏭️ Show👍🏻 #tifa #dancehall #japarty #currygoatandchampagne


✈️ Jacksonville here I come ❤️ #tifa #dancehall #currygoatandchampagne #japarty


A friend sent this to me a while ago & it Struck a string in my heart ❤️ I had a heart of Stone, I had given up on love! All I was concerned about was getting my $ & living life! The reality is, we live in a superficial world with highly superficial people. So if I was to tell you that my legs haven’t had a negative effect on my relationships or career or life in general I’d be lying. So imagine how good it feels to have someone love you for you! To look beyond your openly noticeable flaws like nothing else matters in the world, to love you unconditionally, cater to you & make you feel like a real life Cinderella! Yup! Mi bend foot fit lol #futuremrsS❤️ Love you babe❤️


Stepping into the World Cup timeline like 😝 #meneverhavenoside #wahunuagobetponnow #bread #lol


Epican Launch with some of my lovies ❤️


Joy!!!😂 ... Drop a 😝inna the comments if you can relate.


When @redstripe endorses “The Summer Song”‼️ #JAPARTY 🇯🇲 ❤️ as well as songs from #agentsasco #tosh #jsumma #mentoband #erobinson #chrismartin #standupforyourstripe #tifa