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Mama Bear | Photograph by Xavier Ortega
A mother bear plays with her cubs in Spain's Cabarceno Natural Park. The park covers 3 square miles and was reclaimed from a closed pit mine. It is now home to approximately 100 different animal species.

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How adorable is he??? Fall with ✨✨@mr.pokee✨✨ Which is your favorite shot? .
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Paris, France

¿Cómo es crecer con uno de los artistas más influyentes del rock argentino? @dantespinetta recuerda su infancia rodeado de música, aprendiendo yeites con la guitarra de su papá en #BiosSpinetta 🎶 Súmate a un viaje íntimo por la vida de "El Flaco". Estreno, domingo 29 de septiembre, 8 PM PE / 9 PM COL / 10 PM ARG-CHI / 11 PM MEX.


“Makeup is about blurring the frontier between reality and fiction,” says art director and 3D makeup artist Ines Alpha (@ines.alpha). “Three-dimensional software is just another tool we can use to play with anyone’s face and with the concept of beauty in general.”⁣⁣
Video of @kaya_kozo⁣⁣
3D makeup by @ines.alpha⁣⁣
Sound by @panteros666

Paris, France

Photo by Steve Winter @stevewinterphoto | A polar bear comes toward our icebreaker ship, the M/V Kinfish, somewhere in Svalbard.
Over the past three decades, the oldest and thickest ice in the Arctic has declined by a stunning 95 percent, according to NOAA. The sea in the Arctic has changed dramatically, which impacts polar bears, walruses, and other Arctic creatures. If ice continues to melt, the planet will warm further, as the dark ocean water absorbs large amounts of solar heat that used to be deflected by the bright white ice. @stevewinterphoto @natgeo @natgeoimagecollection


Photo by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen | A swan swims in a canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For more photos and videos from different parts of the world, follow me @mmuheisen and @mmuheisenpublic. #muhammedmuheisen #Amsterdam #Netherlands


#Followmeto Alishan Forest railway in 🇹🇼 Taiwan. Not many people know it - but it is a great place for spring Sakura blooming as it turns pink! It does get a bit moody when you are alone there at night :) ____________Do you believe in ghosts? 😂😬

Alishan Forest Railway

“Always together ❤️” writes @verpinscht


💚 the earth


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