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Let’s just say, Nelly’s 1 year anniversary/BodyCombat 75 launch was done in a very unique style. 😂


I’ve known her for half of my life, but Facebook reckons we’ve only been friends for 8 years 🤔


Started off my long weekend morning with an epic 2 hour BodyCombat marathon with these babes - pure awesomeness. 😎 Happy Australia Day tho, lads! #TheFluffFromMyWigKeptComingInMyMouth #GonnaCoughUpAFurball


Casually roaming around in a giant tie dye shirt during a non existent lunch break 🤙 (photog. credz: @itsreginemate)


Tmw your shiny forehead makes you look like one of the wax figures smh 🙃 #bae


You know it was a great Combat class when you and your mentor/instructor unintentionally match. 😂 @janegallard #sweatmode #teamJJ


photo booth tings 🤷‍♂️


I’m lowkey Aladdin


Blood. Sweat. Tears. Fatigue. Mental breakdowns. Moments of doubt. Just a few of the experiences I had this past weekend. But the outcome? I’m bloody happy with! Officially completed my BodyCombat ITM! 💪✅


I know I usually don’t post shit like this, but... Throwback to April this year, when I attended Les Mills Live. The energy, vibes, epic music and culture - just to name a few of the amazing things that appealed to me, was absolutely phenomenal.
But what really stood out to me after that day, is my ambition. My ambition to join the “Les Mills Tribe” and become a BodyCombat instructor.
I’m only two sleeps away from pursuing this journey. The nerves are starting to kick in. Getting a tough assessment track with a capoeira focus - fighting through the tears and aching legs. Reading through 76 pages of how to perfect a round-house kick or a simple jab.
Here’s to my fantastic gym familia (esp. my front row crew) - supporting me since day 1, pushing me to my limits and making every workout a party!
This is a journey that I’m fckn excited to begin, and I know for sure that it’s going to change my life for the better. 😄💪


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