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Actor and comedian. Check out my new show Training Days only on YouTube.


‪New band, @sterling7, @benmendy23 and I are now taking summer bookings for BBQs, children’s parties and bahmitzvahs, might be unviable for a few weeks during the World Cup depending on how well England and France do. ‬


Happy hump day. And remember Wednesday is the new Friday. #humpday


Me holding my balls next to Kygo on Sunset. 👌 #trainingdays


Had to be up at Da Crack of dawn to beat the queues for this lunch spot in Hawaii. #hawaii


Last ditch attempt to throw my hat into the ring for the Arsenal job. I’ve worked with some of the best coaches around. I really think I have what it takes. Warning though, I am all stick no carrot.


This landed right on the 9th green. Unfortunately I was playing the 12th hole. #golf #muppet


Any view is improved by a little turtle head.


Congratulations to Harry and Meghan. A fairytale wedding, hope they live happily ever after. Oh and thanks for people reminding me why I didn’t get the invite. I totally blame my friend....
#RoyalWedding #BlameGabe


The Belgians have class, but do they have composure? Find out if @jvertonghen and @mousadembele can keep their cool as we test out my new meditation regime. Only on @youtube #TrainingDays


My friend flew out to see me in Hawaii and brought me these. I could kiss him.


Can't believe he got me to do this... Check out the latest episode of #TrainingDays featuring @sterling7, @dele and @kylewalker2. Out now, only on @youtube


Good luck to everyone about to start there exams and remember cheating never pays off... #gcse #exams


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