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Drinking Whisky in a turtle neck - peak unbearable. I’m now a grown up as i can sip it without my face looking like I’ve licked a battery. (The expression on my face is because the photographer @dwalliams just told me he was taking a picture to wank over)


I’ve had a strong turtle neck game this winter. And this might be the best yet. I feel like I want to lead an expedition up a mountain in it. Maybe I shall. Or a hillock.


I’ve decided to move on from A League of Their Own. I had the most incredible time making this show and made some great friends in doing so. Thanks to everyone involved and all the fans. Jamie wept uncontrollably when I told him I was leaving, Freddie belched in my face and said he wasn’t arsed either way. The Sun wrote that I’d quit for America which is not true. I’m staying here and doing a few things that will be on British TV in the coming months - you haven’t got rid of me yet!


Recruiting a few ringers for the five aside team. #galacticos


Super bowl 7! Ridiculous how much effort went into this 🙈


Built a snackadium for super bowl Sunday. Chill end zone, guac pitch, homemade pretzel dogs, mozzarella onion rings, wings and brisket sliders. Sluuuuuty.


Scotland is pretty sexy right now.


With the ladies of @talisker and Donald.


Giving it the full romantic poet.


Trump knows @thepiersmorgan is so infatuated with him he’s come prepared in case Piers try’s to slip something in his drink.


I turn thirty this year, good to know i still have the mind of a 12 year old. #sidemen #sidemensunday #trainingdays #youtube


Got my hands on these... 28 days to go! @BRITs #BRITs