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I’ve been exploring Oahu with some of my closest friends. This morning we jumped in a heli to see this crazy Jurassic-like landscape from the sky 🌿


There’s nothing greater than getting to experience life with someone you love, for me that’s with @hayley_ ⚡️ #lookatthosecolours


Santorini holds some of my most treasured memories with @hayley_, what country or trip have left you with the best memories? Comment below! ✈️#lookatthosecolours


Resuming regular schedule with one of my favourite photos of #London! Thanks for the continued love and support guys, wouldn’t be doing any of this without you all! 🔥⚡️❤️#LookAtThoseColours


Harvesting gummies is tiring work, so at the end of each day the locals head back to their homes to sleep, rest and prepare for the coming days. Here marks the end of my journey through this enchanting village - I hope to someday return! @blackforest_usa #SoJuicyJa


Although the village’s community traditions are important, one local has isolated himself - he lives apart from the others in this tree. @blackforest_usa #SoJuicyJa


Once harvest has begun, some of the locals shake the branches of the Gummy Tree, while others collect the falling gummies ready for sorting. @blackforest_usa #SoJuicyJa


The township is full of natural beauty, from the colourful blue flowers to the canopy of trees above the quaint little houses. @blackforest_usa #SoJuicyJa


Life in the village begins with the sound of the sunrise juice horn, which signifies the beginning of the gummy harvest! @blackforest_usa #SoJuicyJa


Walking round Dubai at night feels like you are in the real life set of Tron. 💎 #VisitDubai #LookAtThoseColours


Spent an evening with @discoverla and the awesome @robin.at.tam hanging out over Santa Monica. Thanks for the epic photo @hayley_ and thanks LA for putting on an incredible sunset! // Wearing @suspiciousantwerp ⚡️


A few weeks ago I was invited to experience life in the enchanting Black Forest®️ village. In the coming days I’ll be sharing what it’s like to live in this magical place. @blackforest_usa #SoJuicyJa


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