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Jacquelin de Leon

🔮The Fortune Teller🔮
This was one of my favorites from inktober this year, I think i miss working with just greyscale and red. It was based on some portraits I did back in 2011, and inspired by old sailor tattoos! Done with a prismacolor verithin crimson pencil, pentel brush pens, and some gold leaf✨
I’m currently slowly working on youtube videos, finishing up commissions, and shipping orders out
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Jacquelin de Leon

🌧Caught in the Rain⛈
Another finished piece from inktober that’s now available in my shop! I think this character is one of my favorite witches, she has a chubby white cat and a lot of attitude. I’d love to draw more of her life in the future☺️ what should I name her?
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Jacquelin de Leon

I seriously cannot wait for the next season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on netflix😍😈 so I had to draw her! I wanted to mix my style with the comic and the show. I sketched this while on the plane flying home from North Carolina after being invited to speak and have a demo at East Carolina University by the awesome ladies from the Discovering Artists Guild💕 it was so amazing to meet all of you guys!!
I am home now and exhausted😴
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Jacquelin de Leon

One day I want to own a little house and fill it with plants! Future could help me sweep the leaves out front and then we could spend the evenings painting in the backyard studio💕 This little haunted house painting and prints are available in my new shop✨
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Jacquelin de Leon

✨My new shop is now open!!✨
All of the new inktober originals, prints, and more are now available!
I just switched over my shop over to squarespace, so please bear with me if there are any technical difficulties! If you experience any problems comment below and I will try to fix it asap!💕 thank you guys for being so patient with me during my hiatus!
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Jacquelin de Leon

I didn’t get through a lot of inktobers this month, but i’m pretty proud on the ones I did finish! There’s a pile of unfinished ones that aren’t worthy too haha. I’m prepping these for our gallery show tomorrow, it’s so satisfying to see a body of work in matching frames😍 And of course I have a gold frame for the centerpiece! If you want to come see these paintings in person before they go up for sale you can see my last post for details☺️✨
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Jacquelin de Leon

if you’re in the bay area stop by our Inktober party!! Friday night at The Foundry Commons Gallery from 7-10PM! Come in costume and win a free Inktober exclusive mini print!✨
There will be work by myself, @steponhen , and @alisavysochina (sadly she can’t make it in person but you can come see her gorgeous originals😍) We will have a pop up shop with prints, stickers, and pins as well!
There’s no cover charge so stop by if you’re not done with halloween yet, i know i’m not🎃😈💀 Please RSVP on my facebook page event too if you can!
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Jacquelin de Leon

My black flame candle broke when we moved so i guess this one will do💁🏻‍♀️ I was working in the studio all day so no dressing up for me tonight, i’ll save my witch costume for the Inktober party! Speaking of, there have been a whole lot of issues with the gallery that is hosting us so i’ll let you guys know what’s going on as soon as i know🖤
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Jacquelin de Leon

🌟Giveaway Time🌟
@getkroma and I are giving away two prizes (to a winner & their friend), 1 frame + 2 backplates each!! These cases are super high quality cases and backplates, with vibrant prints of my work on them! Some of them have a transparent background as well😍 They are currently only available for iPhone users, and may be available for some Samsung phones in the future. If you want to purchase your own go to http://kroma.me/jacquelindeleon or the link in my bio, and enter JACQUELIN for 15% off!🙌🏼
Please read the giveaway rules below💖
🔸You must be following @getkroma and myself to enter
🔸Comment below with your favorite design, and tag someone you think might like them too!
🔸One entry per person, ends on Sunday 11/4/18 at 11:59pm
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Jacquelin de Leon

🌟Hey everyone!! I’m so excited to share my collaboration with @getkroma with you!! We have released 8 phone case designs, some with transparent backgrounds, that can be interchangeable! The images almost glow when they’re on your phone they’re so vibrant, i love them😍✨
Go to http://kroma.me/jacquelindeleon or the link in my bio to get your own set! If you’d like 15% off your purchase use the code JACQUELIN💖
i’ll be announcing a giveaway tomorrow as well!☺️💕
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Jacquelin de Leon

Here’s Sombra from this weekend at Twitchcon! I will try to do all of the Overwatch girls eventually💜 Prints and stickers will be in my shop when I open it on November 3rd! So mark your calendars because i’ll have inktober originals, prints, stickers, books, and lots of new stuff!✨
I had so much fun tabling at @twitchcon this weekend, met a ton of creative streamers and a lot of followers!😍 thank you to everyone who stopped by and supported my work! it was like a giant party and just shows how much of a great community there is on twitch. I’d love to start streaming more soon💖
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Jacquelin de Leon

All set up at @twitchcon in the artist alley! Come say hi🙋🏻‍♀️
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