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Jacquelin de Leon

“Kintsugi” 2017 18x24” watercolor
This piece was the most fun i’ve had painting in a long time. There’s something about working on a painting that large that forces you to be meticulous and focus on every detail. Once you get past the planning and composition stage, which is half the work, the rest is easy. You can just get lost in the details and paint for hours as long as you don’t get carried away and lose sight of the overall image.
I want to do more large scale pieces like this. I’m currently working on one that has already introduced a handful of problems, but something about solving them and making it work makes the end result even better.
The prints of this are back in stock✨ and i’m almost caught up on shipping orders, thank you for being patient with me🙇🏻‍♀️💕
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Jacquelin de Leon

I made another pinboard for all of the enamel pins i’ve bought from so many amazing artists! I can’t wait to put them all on it, fitting them together is the best part haha. Thank you so much to @sugarbone for sending me a bunch of her gorgeous pins along with the bath token😍 She has so many cute designs and a monthly pin club too, and she’s always inspiring me as an artist and a brand💕 You guys should definitely check out her page if you aren’t already following her @sugarbone 🍬💖
There are so many artists and hopefully I can tag most of them in the photos but if not i’ll tag the rest down below! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
from left to right kinda!
whew!💦 there’s a few more that i haven’t put up yet but i’ll add them asap!☺️
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Jacquelin de Leon

The last two days were really crazy and fun!! I tabled at @artwalksj last night and met so many of you guys, thank you all for coming to visit!!☺️ And today was the mermaid workshop at @thearsenalsj where we all drew mermaids and discussed art supplies💕 Thank you to everyone who came out to see us, and hopefully one day soon I can start traveling to other events around the world😊 If you have a local comic con or Art festival that you’d like me to attend, please contact the coordinator of the event and see if they would invite me! Sometimes they pay artists to come out and that would help me out a whole bunch with travel expenses💕 I’d love to meet more of you😍
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Jacquelin de Leon

Here’s a little process video of my Self Care designs! The stickers sold out so quickly again, but i will be restocking them as soon as i can!💕 There are still cute print packs of them available☺️
All done on my ipad using @procreate
Music: Paraesthesia by Wild Ones
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Jacquelin de Leon

Hello again Bay Area!🙋🏻‍♀️ Tonight i’m tabling at the San Jose’s South First Friday artwalk from 7-11pm! I’ll have a booth along south first street with new stickers, and I will also be doing some live painting!
There’s going to be a bunch of gallery openings, live music, food, and a whole line up of artist booths😊 Come say hi!💕
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Jacquelin de Leon

🧜🏼‍♀️Hello Bay Area! If you’re near San Jose this weekend and would like to come draw some mermaids with us, i’m having a workshop at @thearsenalsj on Saturday from 3-5PM! I will be showing my process and discussing anatomy and all the other fun mermaid stuff😊, you can reserve your spot at ✨thearsenalsj.com/workshops✨ and bring your favorite drawing supplies!💕
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Jacquelin de Leon

I just updated my shop with new Desert Dweller, Self Care, and Plant Life sticker packs, as well as a new mermaid sticker! They’re all transparent vinyl✨ I also added the Desert Dweller as a print🌵link in bio!
For those who are waiting for their orders, i’m so sorry about the delay! I am really annoyed with @storenvy because for the last few months they had issues with their website where they charged people for their orders, and i would never receive the order on my end. This resulted in a large amount of people who waited over a month and finally emailed me with a receipt of an order that i never knew about! not only that, but they oversold my products since the stock was never adjusted! So i had 26 extra orders of Self Care sticker packs that i didn’t know about, and i didn’t even have the stock for them.😡 i discussed it with them and pretty much just got a “sorry, we know”. i am working on switching to a new platform but it’s hard to catch up on orders and and switch over like a hundred products at once, meanwhile i have bills to pay. I am also back to packing my own shop orders alone since my assistant started his own screen printing business😘 So please be patient with me as I catch up! thank you all for being so amazing😩💕
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Jacquelin de Leon

Doodling with some @blickartmaterials alcohol markers and colored pencils! i really love mixing different mediums to achieve more texture, colored pencils on top of watercolor or markers is my favorite to take traveling or to do some sketching at a cafe☕️💛
i have so many youtube videos where i talk about my favorite materials and even put links on where to buy them, if you have any questions please check those videos out first🧡
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Jacquelin de Leon

I just updated my shop with more Plant Life shirts and totes, as well as a book restock!💕
🛍For those still waiting for the last batch of Self Care stickers, I miscalculated our stock and so we are waiting on a shipment of them so that we can send them out to you! if you would rather have a refund please email me💕 sorry about the delay!
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Jacquelin de Leon

I’ve got some pretty cute new sticker packs on the way, including this one called Desert Dweller🏜with transparent cacti!🌵 I will be updating my shop tonight with more Plant Life shirts and books! (this sticker pack won’t be part of the update tonight since i haven’t received them yet)🧡
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Jacquelin de Leon

Future wanted to show you the little pots and bowls i made in pottery class at @higherfire_sj 😽 It was my first time taking a class, i knew I would love it, but i didn’t know i would immediately want to buy a wheel and a mini kiln and start making little pots forever😭💕 I kept it pretty simple with the shapes and glazes, and tried carving flowers into one! I love how it all turned out! I still have a few pieces that aren’t finished but these are most of them!
Im still a beginner but i definitely want to start a side business making pottery and watercolor palettes soon, it would be a good outlet for those weeks that i have art block!😍
Do you guys have any favorite pottery/ceramics accounts on here? I want to follow more!! my favorites are @heathceramics @sbhpottery & @tinysupply
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Jacquelin de Leon

My temporary workspace away from the studio, it’s full of plants🌿
A quick portrait wip in between other work and big plans! She’s loosely based on a photo of @jazminsus ☺️
We are still working on catching up with orders, almost finished! I will be doing a shop update soon with more shirts for those who have been asking💕
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