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My debut album “All Blue” is available NOW


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Jade Novah

SuperNOVAHs, why do you think love is worth trying for? 💙
Produced by: @mrdevinaire
Written by: @JadeNovah
My album “All Blue” is available everywhere! 🛸✨


Jade Novah

Name an album from the 90s that you loved! 💿📟📀📼📓
A few of mine:
1. Never Say Never @4everbrandy
2. Jagged Little Pill @alanis
3. Crazy Sexy Cool @officialtlc
4. Vol. 2...Hard Knock Life - Jay Z
5. The Writings on the Wall @destinyschild


Jade Novah

#FBF to when I got to fall in love on screen with the beautiful and crazyyy talented @cynthiaerivo. So inspired by you woman!💙✨🧚🏽‍♂️ (Clip from @Todrick Hall’s “Forbidden” You guys should go watch it if you haven’t!)


Jade Novah

SuperNOVAHs! Check out this clip from my interview with my big bruddah @bigtiggershow *does shoulder dance* on @v103atlanta! You can watch the full interview on YouTube! #AllBlue 💙🛸👁✨


Jade Novah

back in LA like “who cooking some vegan food for me tozayy?” 🧐💁🏾‍♀️😛🌱


Jade Novah

“I’m on a plane towards outer space.” 🛸✨👁✨📸: @divad #ktse


Jade Novah

SuperNOVAHs! The #KTSE Tour is officially over! 😩 I had such a dope ass time doing what I love with some amazing people. Thank you @teyanataylor for your magic on & off stage! Thank you to my two-man band: my super talented little bro @stixxtaylor on drums and my incredible husband @mrdevinaire on literally everything else (keys, MD, tour manager, ant killer, you name it!) Thank you to my friiieeennd @brittanyabrooks for capturing the moments and making them even better. Thank you to every person who connected with my art and to all of you for following me on this journey. ✨💙👁🛸


Jade Novah

SuperNOVAHs! I want to gift one of you with this box of goodies featuring a bracelet from Alex and Ani, chocolates, candles, and more! Just comment with a crown emoji: 👑 and tell me why you think #blackgirlsrock! I’ll announce the winner tomorrow via my IG stories so stay tuned and make sure to watch @BlackGirlsRock on @BET tomorrow night! Xx


Jade Novah

disruption. 👁
from my album “All Blue”
what do these lyrics mean to you?
Produced by: @mrdevinaire
Written by: @jadenovah
creative director/photographer: @icontips
Locs: @beyoutybychar
Makeup: @erica.lorene
open your eye.


Jade Novah

SuperNOVAHs! I had the honor of performing in a musical tribute to legendary producer @dallasaustins at the 3rd Annual @blackmusichonors. The show will be airing now through September 30. Go to BlackMusicHonors.com to find out where it’s airing near you!


Jade Novah

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! Finally made it to Seattle for the next stop on the #KTSE energy tour. What are you SuperNOVAHs getting into this weekend?


Jade Novah

hey lil bebe 💙✨@iamdanileigh #KTSE