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Traveling photographer based out of Hawaii. Message me for rates or prints. Mahalo! 🤙🏽


Had an awesome time at @kakoooiwi with the @olukai crew today. #anywherealoha Learning is best when it’s hands on!


Shooting mini slab barrels while the owner of the wave pool enjoys his afternoon beverage.


I guess it’s been a while...not since we’ve gone on a vacation or been to the beach...but a #wcw...as I was informed.


Don’t get me wrong, I shop at the market once in a while, but there’s no better gratification than being able to go outside and gather your own food to take back home and share with others.
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Here’s a little insight of mine. Instagram is a platform of photos and videos that can represent many things. Who you are as an individual, your accomplishments, achievements and goals. Your background, where you come from and where you’ve traveled. Pictures of your friends and families, people you’ve met along the way and help shape who you are as an individual. And yet, when someone chooses to share something with you, you have the audacity to become a critic. Who gives you the authority to judge me through photos that I post? I am a photographer and an avid outdoorsman. I have a lot of love and respect for the environment. I am a family man and I choose to hunt and gather my own meat to provide for my family. If that doesn’t suit you, that’s fine. I’m not here to judge you as you were not placed on earth to judge me. Live the life you choose, and be proud of who you are. Aloha.


Well, that was an awesome birthday present! Lots of lean, healthy venison to be shared and enjoyed with my friends and family. Thank you @kaudoll, proud of you for tagging along too:) There’s no other place I’d rather spend a birthday than in the mountains. Got lucky with this guy. There were so many deer in front of me, any minute longer and they would have walked into me. This buck was standing 30 yards in front of me, but he had a bush blocking his body. I could see from his neck and up, and knew that I could make an ethical shot to his jugular. With no time to spare, I settled my pin and pulled the trigger. The shot landed perfect and he didn’t make it 40 yards before expiring. #unfollow #springcleaning #sorrynotsorry #fieldtotable @mathewsinc @sitkagear #sickforit #bigbuckdown #hawaii #axis #axisdeer #deer #hunt #builtforthewild #mathews #triax @yeti


Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! 🤙🏽


Another year, one day at a time!


Happy hump day Wednesday!


How’s about something new...Topography Tuesdays? Today we visit the reef at Teahupoo, Tahiti.
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Quite possibly, the most colorful time of the day!
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Lost, somewhere deep in the mountains of Tahiti.


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