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Ya boy in sitting in the flowers is teaching tonight at @bdcnyc at 9pm class will be filmed by @slaterkodish/ @tmillytv I have a feeling it might sell out so make sure you go sign up quick! The energy Is gonna be crazyyyy!!!! Last class before I leave New York! I come back to LA tomorrow for less than 24 hours and I'm teaching at @theplaygroundla at 630pm (Thursday) come thruuuuuuu


Pt. 2 freestyle to @farr_music filmed by @timmilgram


NEW VIDEO! Super proud of this one! Wanted to do just a straight up one take freestyle! Literally did one take and called it a wrap!Go check out the full video!!! Pt.1 filmed by @timmilgram song by @farr_music #down #onetakejake


New York! You have about an hour and half before class starts at 9pm today at @bdcnyc if you miss this class I'll be teaching Wednesday at 9pm @tmillytv/ @slaterkodish will be filming class 🙆🏻‍♂️


NEW YORK! I love you, teaching today at 9pm @bdcnyc come thruuu


@haleyfitzgerald remember this?! A full year ago I taught at the new millennium for the first time had maybe 10 students! Lol a lot can change in a year, loved this combo... p.s I was soooo skinny a year ago 😱 so glad I started working out lol


NEW YORK!! I'm here! Teaching Monday and Wednesday at @bdcnyc both classes at 9pm who's coming?! Also any friends that wanna hang hit me uppp


It's been real Toronto! Congrats @mdcdancetoronto for the brand new studio and thank you all who came out to learn :) next stop.... NEW YORK!!! I will be teaching Monday and Wednesday both at 9pm... @bdcnyc 🙆🏻‍♂️ you guys have been asking I better see ya there ❤️


Exploring Toronto today shooting my first vlog with @slaterkodish


Learn my choreo to #ForYou! Full tutorial on tmilly.tv | Link in bio 🕺🏼


New freestyle coming soon with @tmillytv | shot by @timmilgram | This one is fireeeee can't wait to share it with you guys 🔥 dancing to #Down by @farr_music these guys are gonna blow up! Check them out


Headed to Toronto to teach at the grand opening of @mdcdancetoronto 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Friday teaching two classes two different combos! Let's go!! Then I'll be in New York! Gonna be teaching two classes but so far only have October 4th confirmed! @bdcnyc