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Look for the beauty in everything you see.

Carnegie Hotel Special Events

My office away from my office.

Nashville, Tennessee

I have no idea what we did to deserve dogs.


I found some old pictures the other day that reminded me why I’m working so hard to attain a dream of service. I genuinely believe God has given me a heart for medical missions. In 2 weeks I have my first and only interview for medical school this cycle. I would appreciate anyone who would partner in prayer with me for God’s will to be done in His perfect timing.


Such a dear soul you are Megan. Hope you know how grateful I am that you are my friend!


I never throw back to high school. However, I wanted to wish a proper congratulations to Ariel for matriculating into medical school. We have come so far from these days! I always loved goofing off with you on the sidelines. 🙂


I met the cutest Finley today. My instagram is easily becoming just a montage of dog pictures.


“I don’t even like cupcakes” -Busra

Downtown Nashville

For a moment I could see the sun drown below the horizon, the glimmer of the pink from the sky in the trees. I took a deep breath and soaked up a second of serenity to take with me when life seems otherwise.


So much of my life now is spent wondering what this next year will look like. I would be lying if i didn’t say I was absolutely terrified. I am holding fast to the dream I believe God gave me. That is honestly not as easy as it looks. As I continue this journey, no matter how this next year looks, I am going to choose to be grateful.