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3rd place here at @driftmasters.gp round 2, crazy conditions for the battles but really happy with the result! The fans have been amazing to cheer us on all weekend! Next stop for us, @fosgoodwood! 🙌

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Top 32 just about to kick off and we’re battling @olofssonjim! Let’s hope it stays dry for the competition 🤞🏻 #jd130 | @falkentire | @worthousedrift | @driftmasters.gp


Pretty wild first day at @driftmasters.gp today but we managed to stick it into first place in qualifying closely followed by @conorshanahan79 in second! Drivers already pushing hard, expect some very close battles tomorrow!
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We’re just about to start our final session before qualifying here at @driftmasters.gp Hungary. This track is challenging but fun to drive, tune into the livestream for qualifying in 1 hour.
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Our @falkentyres, @worthousedrift team S14 is back in one piece after the intense battles @driftmasters.gp rd1. We’re currently road-tripping from Poland to Hungary for the second round of the European Championship this weekend. Shoutout to the team for helping get this machine back together! #JD130 | @falkentire | @deanemsport | @ggarage_1


We received a nice delivery of new parts from my longtime engine component suppliers @zrp_rods this week. We will be building fresh engines for both our @falkentyres S14 and RX7 in the near future, they will both run a higher compression ratio to maximize gains from using @igniteracingfuel Red114 fuel. #JD130 | #ZRProds | @diamondpistons | @deanemsport | @drakos_engineering | #zrpracing


I'm super excited to announce that we will be participating in the first ever European based Red Bull Drift Shifters event this August. I've always loved the concept of Mad Mike Whiddett’s Drift Shifters events and this one promises to be the most exciting one yet. Driving alongside @madmike.123, @fredricaasbo, @forrestwang808, @kawabata.jp, @gazwhiter and more top level drivers in our @falkentyres RX7 will be a fun challenge under the exciting Drift Shifters scoring format. Red Bull Drift Shifters in Liverpool on the 19th of August. #JD130 | @redbulluk | @redbullmotorsports | #redbulldriftshifters


This one never gets old - Happy Father’s Day Dad!


On board from our @worthousedrift Team top16 battle at @formulad New Jersey. We both pushed 100% until @piotrwiecek 's car hit a safety cut coming off the bank in our second run, he didn't give up tho and managed to drift to the finish line! Excited to drive this beast again in Seattle! (Check full clip on my Facebook) #JD130 | #PW215 | @falkentire


I sent the guys at @forgemotorsport some drawings for a new S14 intercooler design earlier this week and today they custom fabricated this work of art. Check out this cool little time lapse of Colin building the intercooler from scratch. 👌Thanks for the support guys!

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@fealsuspension putting in the work with 100% commitment coming off the bank at Wall Stadium Speedway. This track is nuts to drive, maybe we should upload some onboard this week?
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European drifting is getting pretty nutty!