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Climbing on the moonlike landscape of #escalatenationalmonunment with @nativesoutdoors outdoors ambassador @navajo_in_flight


Join the moment to protect the Arctic 👆🏼 please click the link above!
The Arctic Refuge in Alaska is considered America's last wild frontier. Last year, Congress voted to open the Refuge up for drilling. There are so many reasons this can't and shouldn't happen, and my friends @protectourwinters, are working to show how climate change and the protection of our public lands are related. Drilling this special place will only lead to more climate-driving greenhouse gas emissions. So today, we're asking your help in spreading awareness of this issue. There is an open comment period until June 19th where people can submit comments opposing this decision by Congress 📸 by @jxnfigs during a recent @thenorthface with athletes activists @kitdski + @hilareenelson - Thank @thenorthface for your companies hard work - TNF along side their athletes + partners have been working hard for many years bringing awareness to this WILD landscape. You can follow the link above or text DONTDRILL to 52886 & follow the prompts.


Mountain sports come with risk, injury & rewards - I'm curious to hear from you on what you do to prevent injuries? I personally spend a fair bit of time @paragonathletics getting world class instruction that I then take with me - training in hotel rooms, random towns etc. #prehap #training #climbing


“The story of the Grand Canyon is really more than anything else the story of water” words by: @kevinfedarkoauthor
I am stoked that "The World Beneath the Rims" a short I directed has won the Best Documentary Film at the Walker Film Festival. Thank you to our partner @americanrivers & the sponsors of the film @nrsweb @ospreypacks @kleankanteen @keen
Photo by: @meredith_meeks who produced & edited the film. Link for film in my profile 👆🏼


Climbing is like dancing with gorilla at times, rarely is it a graceful act.... I was viscerally reminded of that fact when following @renan_ozturk up this beautiful, yet physical pitch of rock climbing last week - here @annegilbertchase & @katerutherford make said "dance" look very gracious. @patagonia_climb @lasportivana @clifbar


There's something oddly romantic about run down structures, maybe it's the history they represent... if you look closely you can see a father and son holding hands walking to the boardwalk's end in search of endless vistas or maybe even a place to cast a line in search of dinner.


3:30am, buzz goes the alarm.... I roll in my sleeping bag, only have slept for 3 hrs, maybe less. I stumble to the truck & there @renan_ozturk is making coffee - we grunt & make hand gestures, no words needed really, we know this routine well. We both have spent decades chasing the intersection of light and adventure. What happened next was a bit of a blurr.... drive, get lost, find parking area, hike, lose trail, climb, belay, push & pull - before I knew it, we stood on top of the South 6 Shooter & first light hadn't even found it yet as we stood on the spire, cold, tired and excited. Then like percision clockwork we heard the trike in the distance and the sun began to creep over the horizon.... @shotsfromabove sped across the skyline finding Renan & I on an airy perch, like figures on the landscape. To see more from @shotsfromabove & @renan_ozturk - check out their awesome accounts here & learn how this amazing flying machine captures never before seen images!


Chasing unicorns with @lynseydyer - check out both of our stories for some behind the scenes of our adventures.....


One of the greatest gifts in the world is finding a kindred soul... I just spent two amazing days with big mountain skier @lynseydyer - we ran, we jumped, we laughed, we shared ideas and we made a lot of radical shots - check out her feed to see more!


Julia Niles distilling to just the basics: the elements of rock, water an air. Moving with confident grace on a not-so-deep-water solo in Greece.
#deepwatersolo #kalymnos


A five-year dream is coming to fruition for myself and a good friend of mine. I've been learning how to move through the rugged and beautiful deserts of the Southwest in a new way, by horseback. Being an apprentice of a cowboy who has spent his entire life learning from an environment he loves has been humbling, inspiring and rewarding. The flip of that story is I have been teaching that same cowboy, Matt Redd, how to climb. On the summit of North 6 Shooter we embraced and slapped high fives as the sunset cast long shadows on a landscape we both love. Bringing two worlds to an intersection and letting us both fully embrace our different worlds as one. Now the real work begins as we step into the edit room and continue this epic journey of making our film, The Cowboy & The Climber.
Photos of the summit taken by @renan_ozturk & @shotsfromabove picture of Matt & I on horse back by @travelwithdaniel #thecowboyandtheclimber
Thank you for everyone who has helped us continue this journey - GO to @renan_ozturk @shotsfromabove & my IG story to see some of the behind the scenes from the day's adventure.


With tenacity and a smile @nicomdelarosa lead by example as he crushed the local test pieces in Patagonia Chile. It was a great honor to film him & @jlancasterkayaker during a film project for @djiglobal & @tompkins_conservation


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