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GUANACOS like to socialize -
Guanacos are garrulous folk, living in herds usually composed of up to ten females, their young, and one dominant male. Baby guanacos are adorably known as chulengos, and the little four-legged ones can walk competently only five minutes after birth. Female guanacos have a lengthy eleven-and-a-half month gestation period, after which a single chulengo is born between the South American summer months of December and March. PS: Guanacos are not Llamas
Shot while working with @chrisburkard @renan_ozturk while shooting a project for @djiglobal

Conservacion Patagonia, Estancia Valle Chacabuco

Indian Creek & the desert around the La Sals & Blues have suffered through one of the driest winters to date - please tread lightly out there friends & be kind to this fragile sacred land.... BTW - It's Friday and the expansive of the desert is calling me, just as you - I look forward to endless splitter cracks that run to the sky, to the passing of the warm sun, to the bitter cold nights that are punctuated by a friend's laughter and a camp fire's glow. #publiclands #sacredspaces #leavenotrace #dontbeadick

Indian Creek

Grrr, grit and just straight badass
would be only a couple of the words to describe Sean "Stanley" Leary @seanleary - 4 years ago we lost one the most talented and humble climbers the world has ever seen. RIP Brotha - miss ya man!

Yosemite Valley

For every two tomorrows you think you have, I promise you there is only one today. Link in my profile ☝🏼to support my friends @akicebum & @mdre92 who are missing in Alaska 🙏🏽
#gratitude #love #friends #now

Here's To Now

Two friends are missing in the Alaska mountains - please check my link for info on how you can support the rescue efforts ☝🏼(@akicebum + @mdre92 ) Pictured here are photos from an expedition I was on with Ryan Johnson in SE Alaska a couple years back. Ryan is a father, friend, business owner and is hard as nails - I'm praying he and Marc - Andre Lecrec (also a top notch Alpinist ) return safely. Weather has been a huge issue with getting into the Peaks to look for them. The @go.fund.me site will help the mounting costs of this rescue - please consider adding your burrito and coffee money for the day to this fund.
I was on the phone with Ryan last week - talking about life, fatherhood and climbing. He hung his gear up a couple years ago and then decided to return, yet with the idea to do what he loves as safely as possible. If anyone can survive out there it's him, he grew up in Juneau and I can attest this man knows his back yard & how to survive in the mountains. Sending prayers #rescue #gofundme #climbing #alpine

Tracy Arm Fjord

My own personal journey is one that I hope is continues to be full of openness and learning - yesterday I shared a place i love with the new friends ( @bencrawford17 & @maxowens14 ) who are finding there ways as photographers and filmmakers - to see their perspectives and psyche was yet another way to further my own progression as story teller.
Here - Ben guns for the chains with Max belaying on an all time classic, Atlas Shrugged (12.C) ....there was a moment when I thought he was off, yet he crimped harder and moved faster successfully clipping the chains for a proper onsite while hanging the draws. Both he and Max showed there moxy on the rock and for their desire to capture the intersection of beauty and athleticism. There is no doubt that with that type of gumption their climbing and media careers will flourish.

Winslow, Arizona

The tempary nature of ice is one of the reasons its so alluring... #vanceanderson crushing in Colorado


Even if you're up the creek with only half of your paddle & no boat, its best to remain calm and find your inner peace. #Namaste #pavingtundra

Ambler, Alaska

Climbing wide cracks requires skillz & @katerutherford got'm! #internationalwomensday is #everyday

Middle Of Nowhere Utah

#internationalwomensday ! 📸 @madaleinesorkin enjoying the splitter jams on Yin and Yang in Red Rocks #pressforprogress #iwd2018

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

When trail running in the desert it's always best to avoid things that poke you.... here @lasportivana mountain running ambassador @kristiknecht is doing just that #paragonathletics @paragonathletics

Sedona, Arizona

It's the journey, not the destination always rings true in Patagonia....
Myself, @chrisburkard & @renan_ozturk along with a whole tribe of us had an opportunity to shoot a short film highlighting Patagonia, the local athletes and the conservation work of @tompkins_conservation while testing out @djiglobal newest drone the bad ass #mavicair
Link in profile ☝🏼

Big props to the entire filming team: @uavantage @zacharialorenz @andresbozzolo @westonboyles @yumiandeng @djiglobal @standtallest @_ryanhill_ + thank you for all the work @tompkins_conservation @kristine_tompkins @abkelman @parquepatagonia

Chile Chico, Chile