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Peek a boo views


Exploring new places in the Southwest. Sometimes hiking by yourself is a bit more challenging when you want a subject in your photo. I set up my tripod and had to run down to get to this spot while my camera snapped photos every 15 seconds. Always worth the extra effort.


When the rain scares everyone away and you’re the only one on the lake...Priceless.


Spring hikes have got to be some of my favourite. The grass is greener, the trees are beginning to bloom, and the sun feels so good after the long winter. @canadagoose #cgxgaliano


From back in Hawaii on one of the wildest weathered hikes I’ve done. Had my camera away the whole hike, but caught a brief break in the rain, clouds, fog, and wind to capture this scene.


Such a beautiful setting, catching sunrise on the coastline of Galiano Island. Thanks to @canadagoose for the great experience. #cgxgaliano #ad


When places in your dreams actually exist.


Sunrise paddles on this lake are hard to beat.


I’ve been lucky enough to visit some amazing places around the world. Especially when I’m out of my home country, it’s nice to know that my CIBC Aventura Card comes with 24/7 emergency travel support. It’s a small perk that gives big peace of mind. Check out the link in my bio to sign up and get your card @CIBCnow #FitsYourLife #sponsored


Can’t wait to get the old van back on the road for some summer trips. Campfires, barbecues, and a place to rest your head. Sounds like a good combo.


Building new friendships and seeing new landscapes here on Galiano Island with @canadagoose. Definitely plan on exploring more of this area again soon. #CGxGaliano #Ad


It’s hard not to be blown away by the beauty surrounding us. Anyone have Mt. Nimbus on their bucket list? It should be.


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