J A N A A🌺🌴 ✈️🌏@janaavb

🍃Wandering Dutchie
✈️Zwitserland, Morocco
📍Croatia↠Holland, Czech Republic
↡ B L O G ↡


⌲I became obsessed with the song: zina - babylone. Look it up if you haven't heard of it yet.
It was played during our trips to #marrakech
Do you have any songs that remind you of a certain destination?


I got a question the other day, if it's true people are getting sick in taghazout.
YES! Me and ALL other surfers got sick and we think it's because of the ocean. I wasn't aware that this affected a lot more people...
Some people think it's the food, but the yoga people who didn't get in the water didn't get sick...
So please do some research, before you visit Taghazout. Yes I got sick.. but the experience was amazing!


I loved seeing these red arches against some green lush🌵🌴
We are currently in Croatia enjoying the dalmation coast🏞️
You'll find daily updates in the ig stories!


🌷Chasing dreams🌷
We were fortunate to find a #tulipfield . Almost all flowers were harvested, but lucky for us we found this beautiful field😍


⌲Streets of #marrakech
I like making these pictures and then get to know what's written.
Can somebody translate it?


🌴Taghazout has amazing surfspots🌴
Which country do you like to surf in?
#taghazoutsurf #surfmaroc


⌲Let's get lost in #marrakech #medina
Loved the small alleyways leading to unexpected places.
#exploremarrakech #medina


⌲Palmtrees for days 🌴🌵🌴🌵
Palmtrees are always a pleasant sight 😍
Any 🌴palmtree🌴 fans?
#marrakechmedina #marrakechcity


⌲strolling towards the #koutoubia #mosque ▪️
I'll be going to croatia this Saturday, so if you guys have any tips... Do let me know!🙏


ⵜⴰⴳⴰⴷⵉⵔⵜ ⵏ Иⴱⴰⵀⵢⴰ
The name means brilliance🌴
It was intended to capture the essence of the #islamic and #moroccan style. There is a 8,000 m² #garden with rooms opening onto #courtyards.


🌻#lisse you so pretty🌻
I almost missed out on flower season back home.
The #flower fields bloom around april / mid May.
Give #keukenhof a visit too if you haven't been there yet.
Have you visited the #flowerfields ?
#tulips #tulipfields #flowersofinstagram


⌲Wandering in #taghazout
It’s easy to get around Taghazout; the size of the village means everywhere is reachable on foot.🌴
#taghazoutsurfdreams #taghazoutsurf #taghazoutbeach #taghazoutbay


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