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Monday morning selfie πŸ˜† Sporting smoother hair, thanks to Keratin Complex treatment by my friend @oddvertise of her @introspectsalon πŸ€—

This is my third time to have this treatment and these are the key points you should know:

1. There is a downtime of at least 2 days, meaning you cannot wash your hair, tie it and tucked it behind you ear. You have to leave it straight and as is. Although, I couldn’t resist tucking it ✌🏻 2. Before, your hair color will change post treatment. But this time, the new and improved version will NOT change your hair color.
3. Actual salon treatment lasts for about 2-3 hours, depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

4. Oh, can we just share that we love the scent? From treatment until the shampoo+conditioner home kit. I used β€œwe” because my husband loves it, too! The scent is similar to coconut 😍 and it’s 100% formaldehyde free πŸ€—

5. The first time I had this, I thought I didn’t need it since I have fine and thin hair. But I was blown away after! I love that it smoothens frizz and gives my hair that velvety and blowdry feel πŸ’– So, it’s great for all types of hair, even curly ones, too!
Book your Keratin Complex appointment by calling 364-4206 @introspectsalon 😊

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#JPCheng is now in Kindergarten and hubby and I agreed that he is ready to get into sports. We asked him what he wanted to try, and he excitedly answered soccer ⚽️ So, yes, I am officially a soccer mom πŸ˜‚

Now, I want our children to learn to be independent at an early age. This mean that there will be days that we won’t be with him, and I worry if his immune system is strong enough to keep him from getting sick.
Both me and my husband grew up drinking a mug of Nido every morning and night, and we’ve passed this on to our three kids. The yayas already know the drill, and they prepare a mug of Nido 3+ for him and his younger sister LJ every time. It’s loaded with Iron, Zinc, Selenium Vitamin A and Vitamin C to help support their immunity. Nido took care of me and my hubby when we were young. Now, it’s our children’s turn to have fun and play, because we are confident that our kids can play as much as they want πŸ™ŒπŸ» Letting them play and explore, and giving them the freedom to do so is our own little way of showing #LoveThatProtects. How about you mommies out there? What's your story on showing #LoveThatProtects to your kids?" πŸ’› #motherhood #parenting #raisingboys #lifewithboys #milk


Work and play (check out our last video clip πŸ˜†) with @thepodiummall team for this weekend’s #thepodium3ds and @manilabulletin @mb_momsandbabies @mbitesph πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— Thank you @kerizamora @terry_dy @therrydizon @gwensydee @felizlucas (and the others I wasn’t able to have a photo with) for joining us on that rainy evening πŸ’– #whenJANEisout


#LJCheng is so happy with her pretty pink dress (and headband set) from Little Souqie πŸ’– Please do watch her on IGTV/YouTube (link in bio) as she unboxes the packages from Little Souqie.
Plus, swipe to check out the video of her showing why she loves this dress 😍


My kind of weekend celebration - take a trip to any of the @kedsph store (and even online) and treat yourself to a pair (or two), up to 40% off 😍 Here’s my pick - not a surprise I got one with flowers and shades of pink πŸ˜† and I also love bows! I have three in this photo, can you spot them? πŸ€— #whatJANEpicks #sale #saleph #kedsshoppingparty #whatJANEwears


Another trio of moms at another event πŸ€— Celebrated 40 wonderful years of Jul B. Dizon jewelry as they showcased their finest works. Last two photos are up for sale, while the last one is my favorite piece of dessert from the Pen πŸ˜‹ group photo by @dtanph #whenJANEisout #milestones #anniversary #jewelry #celebrations #fashion #style #accessories #luxe


I must confess, attending mommy events keep me sane. Being surrounded with them makes me realize that I’ve been pushing myself to the limit, but they also inspire me to continue on and make my dreams come true πŸ’– They are my personal cheerleaders πŸ’ͺ🏻
This morning was one of those days where I got to spend brunch with moms who I haven’t seen for a while 😍 Great catching up over a special launch by @tinybudsbaby where they officially released a limited edition book on gratitude, complimentary when you purchase a 600ml Baby Bottle and Utensil Wash πŸ€— They are also producing a bigger size of the book to be given to PGH and other organizations πŸ’– Bless your hearts πŸ™πŸ» #whatJANEpicks #tinybuds #tinybudsbaby #forbaby #motherhood #parenting #bottlewash #baby #babies #whenJANEisout


Here at the Merz event and excited to listen to inspiring stories from @ultherapyph brand ambassadors. I’ve had the chance to try Xeomin (just in time when I started seeing wrinkles on my forehead 😱) - watch out for my posts on it - and I can’t wait to try Ultherapy since I’ve heard so much positive reviews from the most beautiful friends πŸ’– #beYOUtifulstory #UltherapyPH

On another note, sharing my #whatJANEwears #ootd in my @everydaycasuals and paper bag pants from my recent Japan trip πŸ’– Accessorized with our very own @style_trio fiore earrings 😍 plus lace-up flats to get me through the whole day of errands.


Thank you @cadburyphl @castroprph for this fun pinata full of Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables πŸ’– I brought them to my side of the family early this week so the @jc_sibs can share with their cousin Pearly πŸ€— All four kids had a blast with the crunchy chocolate + collectible #Pokemon toys that came with it, and of course, the confetti πŸŽ‰ Swipe to check out the splash of confetti - yay! Suggested retail price is P46.50 😊 #cadburylickables #forkids #cutekids #cutekidsofIG #parenting #motherhood #snacks #lifewithkids #lifewithpearly #chocolates #whatJANEeats #whatJANEpicks


Our last few photos before we dropped off my brother and his family at the airport for a one-way flight to Canada. #JJCheng was crying as soon as we got to the airport. It just really sank in now 😒 Praying for their safe flight and that their migration will be a breeze. See you real soon πŸ’– #siblings


Family time is always the best! Hopefully, we can go out more often - all girls day out with Mamita and #LJCheng πŸ’– Thank you @littlesouqie (I can’t seem to find you, please PM me) for this pretty dress 😍 #ootd #kidsootd #kidsfashion #cutekids #cutekidsofig #cutekidsofinstagram #kidsstyle #raisinggirls #lifewithadaughter #parenting #motherhood #ootdph #kidsootdph


β€œThe greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow.” Saw this yesterday and remembered how rainbows have gotten me through so many challenges. It always gave me hope. Here’s praying for those who are going through trials now, and that you may see your rainbow real soon πŸ™πŸ» #rainbow