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I used to be known for my love of chocolate.
Dark, white and milk ..It didn’t really matter.
In my 20’s and even in to my 30’s I could get away with indulging in it every single day. Heaps of it infact.
I used to tell myself it was ok, I exercise a lot so I deserve it.
It was my way of rewarding myself for being a good little exercise bunny.
But then over time as I got older I had to exercise even more to stay in shape.
The thing is I was starting to hate it. I hated exercising for hours a day.
I hated being smelly and sweaty all the time with a pile of sweaty gym gear on the laundry floor but still not feeling great about myself.
Constantly feeling, sore, tired and not enjoying what I was doing.
But I didn’t want to stop the exercise in fear of losing my fitness and body shape.
When the extra cardio classes weren’t helping me I changed my strategy. That’s it!! I’ll cut out all the chocolate and sweet treats. I’ll go cold turkey and keep exercising to maintain what I’ve or AND maybe even get better.
Epic fail!

The problem is cutting out calories is not the answer to getting and staying in kick ass shape!

And if we are all truly honest with ourselves the majority of us want to look, function and feel better right? That’s why we join a gym 😁

If your still addicted to chocolate, sweets, ice cream etc but you want to change how you look and feel about yourself, yes I agree cut them out but you need to replace those calories with better ones.
Always replace never reduce.
I’ve learnt how to still enjoy lots of yummy treats that aren’t going to make me stack on the weight AND I exercise for a quarter of the time I used to.
That’s what I did and I haven’t looked back. The longer I’ve worked on replacing the easier it has become.
From one ex chocoholic to another 🤭

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I used to hate my wobbly arm fat but after 4 years of F.I.R.E the fat is going and the muscle is building 💪🏻 Never ever lose hope 🔥

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Hello Monday!

Have you done your workout yet?

I love training early morning so I’ve got plenty of time for all the other things I love in life such as family, friends, books, music and movies 🤩

There’s way more to life than being stuck in the gym for hours so get up early and seize the day !
An effective workout should take no more than 40mins 👍🏻


The good ol’ “Tummy’s, hips and thighs” workout was a winner this morning !

Without a single grapevine or legcurl in sight 😂

No fancy Jane Fonda dance moves means you don’t need to be coordinated to do our workouts.


There are days when I feel there just isn’t enough of “me’s” to go around !

The constant pull and tug for attention is to say the least a little overwhelming.
But today I got to share a few hours with the little men in my life.
Funny how taking one sibling out of the equation makes the whole dynamics so different.
Most days I don’t think I’m getting this motherhood thing right but today I was kickin ASS!

They may not appreciate all my selfie taking right now but maybe one day they will 💜

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My favorite high energy carbohydrate would have to be sweet potato.
Sprinkled with cinnamon and garlic powered, sprayed with olive oil and then baked until crunchy.
I just can’t get enough 😋

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If you’re training to change your body shape you don’t need to be lifting massive weights.
I see so many people training in gyms with crazy weights but terrible form.
With this lateral raise it’s tempting to go heavy and “muscle” the weight up using momentum from your back, hips and legs.
This will get the weight up but it won’t place all the effort in your deltoids.
Go lighter and do it correctly and notice the difference.
Here I’m concentrating on the mind muscle connection and though I want to I’m trying as hard as possible not to use the swing from my back and legs to hit the reps.
Happy, effective lifting friends 😁

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Best weather for BBQ. Can’t wait to get stuck into those bbq’d veggies 😁

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Coming from a group fitness instructor background I struggled to comprehend doing less exercise to get better results.
For so many years I’d become used to the feeling of being absolutely smashed after a 2 hour stint on stage that doing a 30-40min training session 3-4 times per week just didn’t feel like it was doing the job.
I stressed about it, I had lots of doubts and it took me along time to “let go” of what had been my normal.
After years of struggle, fatigue and being dissatisfied with my results and career I made a change.
Change is hard I know. You have to rewire your brain to a new way of thinking. Letting go of the old and embracing the new.
Once you do you will never look back.
#change #habits #dolesstoachievemore


It takes a little bit of forward thinking but making 22meals in 15 minutes is easy.
When you become consistent at the routine you really don’t even have to think too much about it.
I just seem to run on autopilot these days. ✅Butcher ✅Fruit and Vegetables store ✅Kitchen for 15 minutes

DONE! Now to get on with the weekend 😁


I love having time off from the gym but I love hitting it hard more that first week back !
As they say absence makes the heart grow fonder 😉

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Thanks Mitta we’ve had a ball! No internet and no 4.45am alarm clocks. One too many Easter eggs and I’m ready to get back to business 😉
#mitta #easter #family #camping #love


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