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✨ “every single second is an opportunity to change your life”

You should’ve called me ⚡️


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Don’t waste ya years living for someone else 🍃 sis go follow ur dreams!!! 😤


My skins been blessed ever since I started using skincare from @artnaturals and so can yours! Gentle on the skin, the serums are moisturizing, are anti-aging and brighten the skin ✨ to win some skin goodies follow me and @artnaturals and tag 3 friends ✨ you can comment more then once 🍃 and if other products interest u, you can use my code JARLINE20 at checkout! Link to the shop is in my bio ✨ #artnaturals #wecangrowit


Can't you just appear in my hands and I'll carry you instead? There's planets in my palms, if you get bored of my skin...


Love is a losing game ✨🥀


If it’s out of your control it’s easier to let go 🇮🇹✨ if my back bothers u, then u don’t have to like the photo! Im a chubby gal I’m not gonna look hourglass 24/7


This is how to win my heart ✨
@roseshireco #roseshire #roses


Day One ✨



An apple a day didn’t keep the doctor away 🍎 :(


I hope you all have a lovely day ✨ make sure you get everything you need to do, done ! Stay relaxed and calm when things start flying at you. Remember that if it’s out of your control and is intangible, don’t dwell on it. Allow things to be as they are even if it isn’t going as planned, because if you stay collected, what’s meant to happen WILL happen


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