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@christianguzmanfitness the type of dude to order a @bjsrestaurants pizookie party platter To-Go, just so the waitress doesn’t give him shade for eating the whole thing solo. ❤️
Low key- the face you make when you tell people you’re on a diet and all they do is offer you dessert. Time to get shredded! Good luck my man. #summershredding

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My reaction when people tell me that I need to start eating healthy. I guess it’s time to get lean 😅 #summershredding (Yes, that was me with a ponytail.)

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The only times I actually do yoga is when people are taking photos of me. Truthfully, I’m terribly inflexible and can’t even touch my toes.
#namastayrighthere #stuckonthisrock

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Theres a parable in the Bible where Moses tells God “Bro, why did you make us come out into the desert with no water? We thirsty...” And God was like “Bro - Trust. Strike that rock and you’ll be quenched”. And Moses (and his peeps), were all sketch like “Nawww, ain’t no water coming from a rock. You tripping, we done putting up with this. Let’s bounce”. But then Moses goes and strikes the rock with his staff and water starts coming out. -
It makes me think of a lot of goals in life, be it fitness or career for a lot of people. You have a purpose to fulfill, or a goal to reach. Maybe it’s getting a six pack, or getting your dream job (at a super awesome corporate campus). But GETTING THERE feels like you’re just beating at a rock in the desert and waiting for water to come out. All of your friends and family just look at you, with doubt; and say- “You’re never going to get water from that rock”. Sometimes, when surrounded by all that complacent doubt, you give up before you ever get to accomplish your goals (#promisedland).
Keep persevering and have faith that when the time is right, as long as you put in the work (beat that rock with your staff) - you’ll get that water from the rock. #hustle #havefaith

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I can always appreciate looking at things from another perspective. I’ll probably still be doing this when I’m 90 😂 #parallelbars #calisthenics

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Ayyye guuurl, do you know someone that’s looking for a place to stay in LA? @ayecorina is looking for a new roomie since her old one is moving back home.
She’s in Sherman Oaks just off Ventura Blvd - it’s about a 1,300sq ft place and you get your own bedroom and bathroom, and get the best roommate ever. Rent is about $1,150 including utilities.
If you wanna check it out just shoot her a DM! @ayecorina

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It’s not really long distance because you’ll always be the closest thing to my heart 😍
#allnatural #allmine -
4 years into our relationship and we both are making big career moves, even if it means being long distance for a little while now. Im incredibly excited to see where Corina and I end up in 3 years :) Ultimately you are going to find fulfillment out of what you do every day, the things you put into the world and the people you impact. Focus on being the best version of yourself and the rest will follow. Find love and contentment within yourself, before you can give it to someone else. After so many years of grit in life, I’m so happy to finally be in a place where I feel that now. @ayecorina and I are going to be legend — wait for it... and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is—dairy!

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Dear warm weather:
I miss you, please visit. San Francisco is cold.
The guy whose only jackets are the ones you wear to the gym. -
#beachlife #itscoldoutside

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New goals coming up on the horizon. #siliconvalley

Grand Prismatic Spring

The biggest thing that will help you with any body weight workout is grip strength. If you want to get stronger in ANYTHING, focus on improving your grip and forearm strength. Something as simple as hanging from a bar or rings for a 30 seconds, then a minute, then working up to 2 minutes - will turn you into a total beast. Just practice it constantly and take your fish oils :)
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We take leg day seriously.
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